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Die Zeit Creates User Groups to Effectively Manage IT Assets

August 09, 2013

We recently put together a new Case Study highlighting how the Die Zeit chose Absolute Manage to meet IT deadlines through significant improvements in efficiencies.

The Challenge at Die Zeit

Die Zeit is a German national weekly newspaper with a readership of slightly more than 2 million, the most widely read newspaper in the country. With approximately 450 editors in the newsroom in Hamburg, with an additional 200 staff in layouts, administration and advertising, the IT staff at Die Zeit faced challenges in meeting the diverse technical needs of this diverse staff.

In 2009, the challenges came to a head when IT needed to upgrade their Mac deployment to Mac OS Snow Leopard and from Adobe Creative Suite 2 to CS4. Under their current structure, deployments would have to be done manually, which was unrealistic.

The Solution: Absolute Manage

Die Zeit decided to look for a solution to automate updates and provide accurate asset tracking. After reviewing options, Die Zeit chose Absolute Manage as "clearly the best option" for their needs. With Absolute Manage, Die Zeit was able to create user groups with software packages for each group, push out new software and updates and more effectively manage software licenses to reduce costs.

To find out how Absolute Manage became the only choice for Die Zeit to automate workflows for IT efficiency, increase end user productivity and reduce costs, check out the case study here. For more on how Absolute Manage allows organizations to persistently manage and secure endpoints from a single console, visit our website.

IT Asset Management

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