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Dell EMC World: Helping Enterprises "Realize" Better Visibility

May 09, 2017

Dell EMC World is this week, and with a theme of "Realize" and digital transformation, it promises to be an insightful event. We'll be there at Booth #1272 to talk about how enterprises can "realize" a better security posture with better visibility. Because you can't secure what you can't see...

Helping Dell customers "Realize" better security, visibility

The theme of Dell EMC World this year is “Realize," digital transformation, and the “pursuit of tomorrow," because "real transformation takes work to realize an effective -- and secure -- future. Dell EMC World is running a series of Data Protection tracks to highlight this important aspect of digital transformation, including a presentation by Dell VP Brett Hansen about Stopping Threats to Your Endpoints in Real Time with Dell Data Security Solutions.

Absolute is at the heart of Dell’s endpoint security solutions, and we're excited to be a Bronze sponsor at this year's event. Our patented Persistence technology has been embedded in Dell devices since 2005, and we are pleased to continue expanding that coverage to new Dell devices. By activating the already-there protection of Persistence technology, Dell customers can leverage Absolute products for unrivaled visibility and remediation control to confidently manage endpoints, protect at-risk data, investigate threats, and take faster adaptive remediation actions. Now, that same self-healing advantage can be extended to other critical applications, ensuring they remain on, available and effective at all times.

Dark endpoints, insiders = Less visibility, more threats

Dark endpoints — devices that are off the network, lost, stolen, or operating without effective security controls — are breeding grounds for security breaches, but so are unaware employees. The Dell End-User Security Survey recently found that 72% of employees are willing to share (breach) sensitive, confidential or regulated company information under certain circumstances.

Those circumstances are most often driven by a desire to be more productive and efficient on the job, rather than malicious intent, but 45% of employees admit that they engage in unsafe behaviors throughout the work day. These might include connecting to public WiFi to access sensitive information, using personal email accounts for work, or losing a company-issued device. And, another recent survey revealed that 95% of organizations sampled showed employees engaged in activities to bypass security and web-browsing restrictions at their organizations.

Productivity notwithstanding, all of these are risky behaviors when it comes to safeguarding an organization's most sensitive data. Most organizations assume that more than 95% of endpoints are compliant with required applications and patches, but that's not the case.

In reality, there are unseen cracks in security that lead to dark endpoints. With persistent oversight over millions of endpoints, we know that nearly 20% of endpoints are “dark” and lack the critical applications to manage risk and compliance. We also know that as many as 62% of endpoint devices currently contain at-risk data -- and that employees are the main source of the dark endpoints that place data at risk.

Get more visibility with Absolute

Facing today’s security threats requires automating key components of your endpoint security strategy, ensuring that you remain at optimal threat detection and response capabilities. Absolute makes the self-healing endpoint a reality.

Traditional incident response plans involve manual remediation, patches, and updates -- all of which increase the "dwell time" of dark assets and increase the likelihood of errors and ongoing risk. Absolute’s persistent self-healing endpoint security gives enterprises the ability to reduce the dwell time of a dark asset, reducing the likelihood of becoming a breach vector and – if it does happen – offering real-time remediation of breaches at the source.

Find out more at Dell EMC World

We're excited to be at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas this week to connect with our longtime partner and demonstrate our self-healing technology, Persistence, and talk about the importance of endpoint visibility.

Application Persistence gives enterprises the power to build more resilient endpoints that self-heal if an application is removed or compromised, and ultimately return the endpoint to an original state of safety and efficacy -- without IT intervention.

We’ll also be giving demos of our powerful new “Fitbit-like” Security Dashboard, which makes it easier than ever for IT pros to visualize security posture and proactively reduce data risk. Questions? Stop by Booth 1272 at Dell EMC World to learn more, or find out more here.

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