Data Security: How to Secure a Device That is Offline

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/18/2015

Device freeze policies in Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) allow you to secure your devices – and the important information they contain – regardless of internet access, user, or location. In the video below, we explain how you can secure a device that is offline.

A missing device can cause a lot of trouble. Though its rare, a device can go completely dark with no internet connection or activity. When it does, your organization will still need to prove some measure of control over the device, especially if it contains sensitive data.

One way to manage this scenario is to create a “Device Freeze Offline Policy” in Absolute DDS. If a device is offline longer than your specified maximum offline period, you can trigger a set of events that include freezing the device and changing the device passcode. When a device automatically freezes, an email will be sent to the IT administrator. A device freeze summary report shows which devices have been frozen, though devices can be re-activated either by IT admin or via a passcode supplied to the end user.

Your device freeze policy will work, regardless of internet connection, user or location. For more about Absolute DDS, visit our website or read our datasheet.

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