Data Loss Prevention: The Basics

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/28/2013

Data loss prevention (DLP) is the plan and system designed to detect potential data breaches and prevent them through monitoring, detecting & blocking sensitive data in all states: in-use (endpoint), in-motion (network) and at-rest (storage). 

DLP technologies range from firewalls and antivirus software to algorithms that detect abnormal access to designated DLP solutions that focus on data protection in one or all states. As outlined on IT Pro Portal, DLP solutions provide many benefits to organizations including:

  • Visibility on what is happening to data in all states (you probably monitor inbound traffic, but do you monitor outbound?)
  • Compliance assistance through a better understanding of where data is and how it's being used
  • Technology to support employee education and awareness on data protection
  • Flexible security environment 
  • Detection of malicious activity, spotting breaches before they last for months or years

As we shared earlier this week, the acquisition of Palisade Systems by Absolute Software brings DLP capabilities for all data states to our customers, greatly extending the GRC support we already provide to our customers with Computrace.

As an all-in-one DLP system, we can now provide our customers with an expanded GRC offering to not only remotely invoke security commands to prevent and mitigate data breach scenarios, including data delete, data retrieval, device freeze, but also to now proactively monitor and manage data at risk on the endpoint and on the network. To learn more, contact us

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