Dangers in Wi-Fi Use

By: Absolute Team | 2/11/2010

Mike Kershaw recently presented at the Black Hat security conference about the dangers associated with the use of public Wi-Fi networks ('free' networks you find in coffee shops, for example). Specifically, he outlined how attackers can "poison" browser caches in order to present fake webpages or to steal data, even at a future date.

"Open networks have no client protection," said Kershaw, who also uses the handle Dragorn. "Nothing stops us from spoofing the [wireless access point] and talking directly to the client," the user's Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Wi-Fi poses a danger to any user connected to it. That user puts his data at risk in so doing. Therefore, whether you're at a cafe with your personal laptop or corporate laptop, it's important to consider the risks associated with connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Sometimes it's simply not worth the risk. There are alternatives to Wi-Fi that regular travellers, or coffee-shop workers, should consider.

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