CoPE to Overtake BYOD?

By: Absolute Team | 12/24/2012

Our own research indicates that 20% of companies rely solely on BYOD (bring-your-own-device) to support employees, showing that the widespread adoption of BYOD is not as widespread as some would say. Instead, our research shows that 42% of companies use a hybrid model of BYOD and CoPE (corporate-owned-personally-enabled). Some experts believe that BYOD may be overtaken by CoPE because this model, a balance of corporately-liable and BYOD, offers the most convenient option.

Brandon Hamptin shares for the Business Insider how CoPE is all about the support system:

"By off loading the support burden to a mobility management company, the organization eliminates the cost of providing day-to-day tier one support. It also introduces a partner that is an expert at supporting multiple operating systems and multiple carriers. This expertise allows the organization to offer more flexibility to its users in the form of an increase in the number of devices and carriers they allow into the environment. Finally, by introducing technology designed to manage procurement, reporting, billing and cost allocation the corporation can ensure lower costs with this increased flexibility."

While the device is still corporately-liabe, addressing privacy issues, employees have more choice on operating systems and carriers and are not as wary over the mobility policies enforced on 'their' phones.

With a proper MDM program like Absolute Manage, whether you choose corporately-liable, BYOD and/or COPE, you will know immediately if a device goes missing and can easily manage IT maintenance requirements of the device types you choose to support from a single console.

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