Computrace Provides Peace of Mind in Healthcare

November 07, 2012

Technology for Doctors Online recently wrote a feature article about how "Computrace deletes data remotely from stolen laptops."

Doctors shudder every time a stolen laptop loaded with patient information makes news headlines. Nevertheless, many store confidential patient information on their laptops so they can work on patient cases at home or when they’re travelling. Although encryption technology is available to make data unreadable upfront, there’s also another solution available that can solve problems after a laptop is stolen. Vancouver-based Absolute Software offers a software service that can remotely delete all the data on a computer when it’s reported lost or stolen.

97% of healthcare organizations access data on mobile devices and 81% of physicians use a smartphone or tablet. Adoption of laptops, tablets and smartphones is very high by physicians, yet mobile security lags far behind. As we share in the article, only 50% of the medical community is using encryption (at best) and only 38% of healthcare organizations have a mobile technology policy in place.

In a 2010 study by Ponemon, 81% of physicians indicated having public health information (PHI) on their mobile devices but nearly half had no security precautions whatsoever on their devices.

If you work in healthcare, those figures need not apply to you. As shared in the article, our products can help protect your laptops, tablets and mobile phones, giving your healthcare organization the ability to track and secure devices and the data they contain, regardless if they are on or off the network. Theft is happening all across the healthcare field, affecting large hospitals and small offices alike, so it's important that steps be taken to safeguard PHI by all healthcare organizations.

Computrace can provide GRC support for the endpoint, safeguarding patient data and allowing you to comply with regulations such as HITECH/HIPAA and other regional, state, and federal regulations. As the article notes, "You’re talking pennies a day to have the peace of mind that you can grab and delete information if something goes wrong." Learn more about our healthcare options here.

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