Cloud Storage Is One of Your Biggest Vulnerabilities

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/19/2016

Cloud storage is fast and convenient, but it’s also one of the biggest vulnerabilities you’ll face when it comes to securing your sensitive data. Every day about 83% of your employees are using cloud storage applications to share company information. The majority of these employees (77%) are using third-party cloud applications without the approval or knowledge of their IT departments. In addition, a new survey from NTT Communications reveals a whooping 69% of users are able to access corporate via cloud storage applications after they have left the company. Shadow IT is a big problem in the cloud.

Employees aren’t engaging in Shadow IT to be malicious. The majority of employees simply want to be more efficient and productive at their jobs. In fact, many view their use of Shadow IT will free up IT department time. But their actions are inadvertently putting corporate data at risk.

How to Remediate Threats Before They Become Data Breaches

Earlier this year, Absolute released an update to Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), which extends the functionality of our unique Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) feature. While EDD is already set up to detect data at risk on your organization's endpoints, this has been extended to include visibility into cloud storage applications. Using Absolute DDS, you can now:

  • identify corporate devices containing files that are synchronized with cloud storage applications
  • scan for at-risk data with remote capabilities to remediate potential compliance violations

Our Persistence technology extends your visibility beyond the reach of traditional security tools. With this technology, you can scan files for at-risk data and remediate potential threats before they become data breaches or costly compliance violations. Instead, you'll be able to take immediate steps to remotely delete sensitive data, enforce data security policies and train employees to become more powerful allies in data security.

Reclaim visibility and control. Extend your endpoint data security controls beyond your network and into the cloud. Learn more here.

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