Charlotte County Public Schools Reap Benefits of Knowledge Base with Absolute Service

By: Absolute Team | 10/21/2013

We recently put together a new Case Study highlighting how Charlotte County Public Schools chose Absolute Service to create ongoing improvements in the service of a large school district.

The Challenge at Charlotte County Public Schools

Charlotte County Public Schools operates all K-12 public schools in Charlotte County, Florida with 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 high schools and 6 specialty education centers serviced by 2200 staff members.

In order to service such a large area, there are 42 in-field and onsite technicians and service analysts in the Charlotte County Public Schools area. Although budgets have been on the decline, the amount of technology has continued to increase alongside further demands for shared information and staff training.

For years, IT serviced teachers and staff via email or a conference board. When requests were fulfilled, threads would be deleted, removing an opportunity for others (staff, teachers or even IT) to share the knowledge gleaned from these issues. Moving forward, Charlotte County Public Schools sought out a solution that would support a knowledge base alongside an easier way to manage help requests.

The Solution: Absolute Service

Charlotte County Public Schools received demos from four companies that could handle integrating with their existing eDirectory. In the end, they chose Absolute Service as the best option for their needs:

"We received demos from four companies that could handle eDirectory. We played around for a few weeks with each product. Some solutions had great management capabilities but they were too complicated for end users. Absolute Service gave us the best bang for our buck and had great design factors as well." - Gerald Ping, Network Analyst for Charlotte County Public Schools

The results at Charlotte County Public Schools have been cumulative. Once the culture shifted and the knowledge base grew, analysts spend less time on the phone calling each other and speaking with end users. As the knowledge base expands, each year the time savings have increased.

To find out how Charlotte County Public Schools uses Absolute Service to improve support, increase resource efficiencies with time management as well as an ever-expanding knowledge base, and provide pro-active support, check out the case study here. For more on our services for K-12 Education, including additional case studies from our clients, visit here.

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