BYOD Introduces Greater Risks, But Not All Organizations Respond

By: Absolute Team | 12/19/2014

According to a new survey from MarketsandMarkets, on behalf of Kensington, IT professionals continue to be wary of the security impact of BYOD. 73% of the organizations say that BYOD creates greater security risks; despite these risks, 59% support BYOD devices for business use.

According to the report, IT professionals are currently protecting BYOD devices in a number of ways. 64% have employee training and guidelines in place, 61% have anti-malware and encryption, 55% have compliance and governance policies and 48% use data loss prevention and authentication solutions. Obviously these figures still leave a lot to be desired in terms of adoption rates, and so too to they highlight gaps in device security that could be improved.

"With the rapid rise in the use of mobile devices and laptops, organizations need to become vigilant in their ability to protect those devices from the risk of theft or loss that may put critical business and personal data in the wrong hands," said Judy Barker, Global Product Marketing Manager, Kensington.

Security breaches are all too commonplace in the organization, with device loss and theft and data security an ongoing issue. If organizations are not protecting these devices and the data they contain, or have no way to even know if these devices go missing, data breaches are much more likely. Samsung’s research earlier this year showed that 30% of CTOs don’t even know how many mobile devices were lost or stolen in 2013.

In order to secure corporate data, organizations need to conduct risk assessments and take proactive steps to secure devices, no matter who owns them. Both organizations and individual employees need to be made aware of the value of corporate data and the importance of protecting it with ongoing security training and a clear security policy. On top of this, having device management and security in place is no longer an option, but a requirement for protecting corporate data.

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