Build a BYOD Policy in Three Steps

By: Absolute Team | 6/1/2012

Absolute Software has created a BYOD Policy Implementation Guide to provide companies with a straightforward 3-step process to build and launch their own BYOD policy.

Our BYOD guide will help you understand the baseline requirements of any BYOD policy:

  • IT requirements
  • Legal requirements
  • Implementation of MDM technology

The guide also provides you with a basic template for your Employee Mobile Device Agreement, an absolute requirement for BYOD policies since it allows employees to grant you the authority to secure their device (and the corporate data it contains) if it is at risk. Get your free BYOD policy guide here and watch our video on how to support a BYOD program here.

"Given the rapid growth of tablets and smartphones in the workplace, BYOD is the biggest challenge facing IT organizations today. Absolute Manage helps IT overcome this challenge by delivering a solution to manage the security risks associated with employee-owned devices accessing corporate networks and data," said John Livingston, Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software.

No matter what device your employees are using, it only takes on solution to manage them all. We can help you automate the employee mobile device enrolment process, install / remove apps (by user / device status / role), send commands that control roaming or status, monitor encryption status, send messages to users and lock / wipe lost devices. Learn more about Absolute here.

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