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Airport Laptop Security Tips

May 06, 2009

Absolute Software recently attended the Infosec conference, and Bill Pound, VP international corporate development at Absolute, has an article out this week in ComputerWeekly about beating the airport data theft threat. Whether you're a regular business traveler or gearing up for that big summer trip, Bill offers some great tips to keep in mind.

Airports are a prime location for the loss or theft of laptops; London's Heathrow airport has up to 900 devices going missing per week, for example. Though some of these laptops may be password-protected or encrypted, data security concerns still exist. And with good reason - the data could be worth far more than the lost device.

Bill offers several pieces of advice, from laptop tracking software such as Computrace to beefing up security policies so that employees understand how to protect their devices against loss or theft. Basic airport security precautions include: not checking your laptop as luggage, using an inconspicuous bag, always watching your bag, adding identification to your bag, and being extra wary when going through security checkpoints. You can read more here.

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