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Absolute Software Recovers Laptop in 100th Country

July 03, 2013

Absolute Software recently recovered a stolen laptop from our 100th Country. Supported by Absolute Computrace technology, the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Team have to date helped recover more than 29,000 devices around the Globe, this month marking off another milestone achievement.

The Investigations and Recovery Services team has been instrumental in solving thousands of consumer and corporate computer crimes around the world. In this case, we were able to extend our Global reach with a recovery in Kosovo, an independent republic since 2008.

In this recovery story, a laptop was stolen from a school bus in Sweden. As is often the case, the laptop went dormant for 2 months. When the laptop came back online, we were able to identify it was being used in Kosovo. After gathering evidence, we froze the device and contacted the user. The user was co-operative with the investigation, mentioning that the laptop had been purchased from a market in Kosovo and even providing evidence of the seller, a Kosovon man residing in Sweden. Thanks to the co-operation of this individual, the laptop was recovered and police are pursuing additional arrests.

We think it fitting that Absolute Software, founded in Canada more than 20 years ago, made this 100th Country Milestone recovery on Canada Day this year. What a great way to celebrate!

To learn more about how Computrace persistently tracks and secures IT assets and the corporate data they contain, read here. Read more about our involvement in the Ugandan recovery in our official brief on the news.

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