Absolute Software Protects 21 of the 25 Largest K12 School Districts

By: Absolute Team | 6/4/2014

Absolute Software has been providing schools, universities, and other educational organizations with solutions to manage and secure their IT endpoints since 1993. We are proud to announce that we now protect, secure and manage the devices of 21 out of the 25 largest school districts in the United States.

Absolute Software works collaboratively with these school districts to provide a safer environment while managing and securing mobile devices, including Absolute's industry-only persistent monitoring, protection, investigation, and recovery services. With our technology in place, students and staff can focus on learning and IT managers can significantly reduce security risk and ensure student safety while reducing vendor costs and overhead, allowing more resources and budget to be allocated to learning initiatives.

“Absolute Software is a trusted partner of Lewisville Independent School District. Absolute Software allows us to remotely manage all of our 69,000+ mobile, OS X and Windows devices with a single solution,” said Mark Bulthaup, Desktop Management Lead at Lewisville Independent School District. “With Absolute Manage we are able to provision devices, keep track of software licenses and easily push out software updates in minutes, freeing up valuable IT time for other tasks.” Learn more about how Lewisville Independent School District has gained efficiencies and cost-savings.

Absolute K12 customers use the following solutions:

  • Absolute Computrace to centrally track, locate, and secure PC, Mac and mobile devices that support persistence (incl. Samsung Android devices and Windows 8 tablets) within a single cloud-based console.
  • Absolute Manage to manage, configure, and deploy Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Absolute Service for IT service management (ITSM) and help desk capabilities, including integration with Computrace and Absolute Manage so that K12 IT can perform select commands from all products within a single console
  • Absolute Safe Schools, an integrated program that works in conjunction with Computrace. Overseen by the Absolute Investigations team, Absolute Safe Schools can help keep students, staff, and school environments safe
  • Computrace Mobile Theft Management (MTM) safeguards iPad and iPad mini devices from loss and theft
Faced with limited budgets and the need to support 1:1 programs and other learning initiatives, we’ve worked hard to support our Education customers with the technologies and programs they need. Learn more about why 21 out of 25 of the largest K12 districts have chosen Absolute Software’s K12 offerings here.

* 2013 American School and University 100 list by enrollment, 2011-2012 data. 

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