Absolute Software 2011 Computer Theft Report

By: Absolute Team | 5/23/2012

Today Absolute Software released the findings of the 2011 Computer Theft Report which reveals the top locations for computer theft in the USA include schools and residences. Our report also highlights the top 20 airports for theft and the top 5 areas in airports where laptops are stolen.

The inaugural Computer Theft Report is based on the 13,818 theft recovery investigations we conducted in 2011. With this data, we can identify trends and other pertinent facts such as the top cities and airports where Absolute customers fall victim to computer theft; that the peak months of computer theft differ for corporate versus consumer customers; and other information that is borne out after so many years working computer theft crimes.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Top 20 theft locales in North America include Chicago, Houston, Detroit and Los Angeles
  • 33% of laptops stolen in the US go missing from public schools with residential property the second-most common area of theft (16%)
  • Top 20 airports for theft include Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Houston - airports offer the perfect crime of opportunity for laptop theft. We've also seen organized crime rings where multiple criminals work together to distract the device owner and steal the computer
  • 29% of laptops are stolen from luggage / storage areas in airports - laptops are still being checked as luggage rather than being carried onto the airplanes
  • Consumer-owned devices are most often stolen during back-to-school and pre-Christmas months - these times coincide with when computers go through peak purchase periods

In 2011, we exceeded an average of 1,000 investigations per month; 10% of these investigations resulted in criminal charges being laid for a variety of crimes over and above computer theft.

What key finding in the Absolute Software 2011 Computer Theft Report did you find most interesting?

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