Absolute & Ponemon 2010 Laptop Encryption Study

By: Absolute Team | 3/15/2010

If you are a long-time reader of the Absolute Software blog, you'll recall the 2009 study we sponsored with the Ponemon Institute - The Human Factor in Laptop Encryption. We have now followed-up that with a 2010 study looking at the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Sweden markets.

The study shows that business managers are continuing to ignore laptop security procedures above and beyond encryption. Indeed, even with encryption, most corporations are unable to determine if encrypted data remains secure.

Key findings from the whitepaper:

  • 95% of IT practitioners report that someone in their organization has had a laptop lost or stolen
  • Of those laptops lost or stolen, 72% resulted in a data breach.
  • After a data breach, 0nly 44% of organizations were able to prove the contents were encrypted.
  • 33% of IT practitioners believe encryption makes it unnecessary to use other security measures, whereas 58% of business managers believe this to be the case.
  • 62% of business managers surveyed strongly agree and agree that encryption stops cyber criminals from stealing data on laptops versus 46% of IT practitioners who strongly agree or agree.
  • 36% of business managers surveyed record their encryption password on a private document such as a post-it note to jog their memory or share the key with other individuals. Virtually none of the IT practitioners record their password on a private document or share it with another person.
  • 60% of business managers have disengaged their laptop’s encryption solution and 48% admit this is in violation of their company’s security policy.
  • 55% of business managers sometimes or often leave their laptop with a stranger when traveling.

You'll see there are many troubling pieces of information there. Individuals have a false sense of security about their laptop security. Indeed, many individuals appear to ignore laptop security altogether by disengaging encryption or not using safe password practices. Are you using a layered approach to your laptop security? If not, find out how we can help!

Download the whitepapers here.

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