Absolute Persistence Extended to Microsoft Surface 3 Devices

By: Arieanna Schweber | 6/3/2016

Absolute last week announced that Microsoft will be enabling Absolute Persistence technology in Microsoft Surface 3 devices via their April firmware update.

Absolute is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, currently embedding Persistence technology in a number of Microsoft devices, including the Surface device line (Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Surface 3). Under the terms of the new agreement, Persistence technology by Absolute will be embedded in Surface 3 devices globally. Once activated, Microsoft customers will receive unparalleled security and data risk management capabilities allowing IT to maintain a reliable two-way connection to all devices, regardless of user or location.

“Since the launch of the Surface device line, we have worked closely with Microsoft to provide our shared customers with an additional layer of security, allowing them to manage and respond to the data risks that are inherent with a mobile workforce,” said Geoff Haydon, Chief Executive Officer, Absolute. "We are thrilled to expand this partnership and introduce our technology to the Surface 3 market, supporting user productivity while securing each device and the data it contains.”

At Absolute, we have built strong relationships with manufacturers around the world so that, today, most devices roll off the assembly line with Persistence technology from Absolute already embedded in the firmware of the machine. Today, over one billion devices have Persistence built into the firmware. Learn more about Absolute persistence here.

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