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Absolute Launches Device Reclamation-as-a-Service 

By: Matt Meanchoff | 9/14/2020 | 1 min read

School IT and asset management teams, many of whom were already stretched thin before the pandemic hit, have faced plenty of new challenges and complexities this year with the shift to distance learning. Pre-pandemic, manual device inventory tracking was largely a cumbersome and complicated process; it was common to have a percentage of student devices unreturned. And, this was before IT teams had to also deliver on an adapted learning model that meets the safety needs of students, teachers, and staff.

Reality of Unreturned Devices

Every missing device not only results in wasted budget, but it also poses security risks to students and the district, including exposing student PII, failing to meet FERPA compliance regulations and CARES audit concerns. How can you effectively and efficiently recover devices from students? 

New Absolute Device Reclamation Service 

Absolute can now recover unreturned devices on your behalf. Through our proven recovery method that leverages our undeletable tether to every device, combined with our reach technology and communication recovery channels, we’ll work to recover each student device safely, saving you time and money. The service is seamless, comprehensive and all-inclusive for your entire school district’s device pool. 

Absolute specialists assist with: 

  • Marking devices as missing in the Absolute console for accurate, timely reporting. 
  • Setting up end user messaging and targeted device freeze messages. 
  • Email and phone campaigns to students and families in English or Spanish to aid with the recovery process. 
  • Informing district officials when shipping labels are needed by a student or parent/guardian to return a device that’s been taken to another city or state. 

The entire process is designed to make the return of your school district’s unreturned devices as painless and hassle-free as possible.

Absolute’s Device Reclamation Service is available now in the United States and Canada. For more information visit our website or call 1-877-600-2295.

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