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Absolute is a Top 10 Cybersecurity Company to Watch For Second Consecutive Year

January 27, 2020

Absolute has again been recognized by Forbes Magazine as a Top 10 Cybersecurity Company to Watch in 2020. Written by Louis Columbus, this is the second consecutive year Absolute has made the top spot.

As worldwide spending on information security and risk management systems continues to grow and cybersecurity professionals are increasingly overwhelmed, organizations have an urgent need to improve endpoint security and resilience. Here’s an excerpt:

Absolute serves as the industry benchmark for endpoint resilience, visibility and control. Embedded in over a half-billion devices, the company enables more than 13,000 customers with self-healing endpoint security, always-connected visibility into their devices, data, users, and applications – whether endpoints are on or off the corporate network – and the ultimate level of control and confidence required for the modern enterprise.

Organizations need complete visibility and real-time insights in order to pinpoint the dark endpoints, identify what’s broken and where gaps exist, as well as respond and take action quickly. Absolute mitigates this universal law of security decay and empowers organizations to build an enterprise security approach that is intelligent, adaptive and self-healing. Rather than perpetuating a false sense of security, Absolute provides a single source of truth and the diamond image of resilience for endpoints.

Rising Complexity

To thwart attackers, organizations today often layer on many security controls. Gartner estimates that more than $174B will be spent on security by 2022 and of that, $50B will be dedicated to protecting the endpoint. The Absolute Endpoint Security Trends Report finds that in spite of the astronomical investments being made, 100 percent of endpoint controls eventually fail and more than one in three endpoints are unprotected at any given time.

All of this has IT and security administrators grappling with increasing complexity and risk levels, while also facing mounting pressure to ensure endpoint controls maintain integrity, availability and functionality at all times, and deliver their intended value.

Clear Line of Sight

Rather than wondering if your endpoints are safe, organizations need a clear line of sight into every device, at all times. Fortifying your security posture with the power of Absolute Persistence means a persistent, self-healing connection to all devices, whether they are on the network or not. This is true endpoint resilience and the foundation of improved security.

For more on how Absolute fortifies your security with endpoint resilience and provides a single source of truth into whether or not your existing security controls are working as intended, read what our customers have to say.

Data Visibility & Protection Endpoint Security

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