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Absolute Extends Persistence to Secure Third-Party Applications

April 20, 2016

We've launched a new service that extends our Persistence technology to secure third-party software applications. Persistence Services by Absolute enables existing Absolute customers to ensure crucial applications remain installed on a device, regardless of user or location, on or off the corporate network. Persistence Services by Absolute gives our customers an important security advantage, since they can extend their endpoint monitoring and protection capabilities beyond the limitations of traditional software solutions. 

This new service is based on Absolute’s patented Persistence technology, which is embedded into the core of laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphone devices at the factory. Over one billion devices have Persistence built into the firmware. Once activated, Persistence provides a two-way connection with the device and prompts the automatic re-installation of select applications if they are missing or removed. No other vendor can provide this functionality.

“Our customers understand the power of Persistence technology to assure the integrity of critical endpoint applications,” said Christopher Bolin, Chief Product Officer, Absolute. “By expanding our Persistence model to support third-party applications, our customers can be confident that they are providing consistent security coverage across all enabled devices.”

Imagine extending Persistence technology to your VPN. To your anti-malware applications. To your encryption, even. Having visibility to ensure those applications are installed and working correctly is not just useful for productivity, it could be the key to preventing a data breach. With Persistence Services by Absolute, customers can extend IT visibility across their entire security architecture, to any business-critical application, whether those devices are on or off the corporate network.

We are excited to continue to expand this business model, exploring direct relationships with software vendors so that their customers can have the reliability and assurance of our Persistence technology, out of the box.

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Endpoint Security Products

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