A Look Back at Predictions for Mobile in 2015

By: Absolute Team | 12/21/2015

For the past several years, we have created Predictions for Mobile for the year ahead. Before we look forward to 2016, let’s first look back at 2015 and see where we stand.

In late 2014, our Predictions for Mobile in 2015 projected a shifting perception of the need for data-based security, which indeed has intensified throughout the year with added pressures and risks now associated with endpoint devices. Let’s look at each of our past predictions:

  1. Mobile attacks will continue to increase, which has indeed been the case. While in previous years, it was difficult to prove that mobile attacks put security at risk, new studies and better analytics have proven the tie. Currently, as many as 36% of cyber security incidents can be tied back to attacks on mobile devices
  2. Organizations will respond to the cloud, which has been true, with mixed effectiveness. As with BYOD, organizations struggle to support the use of the cloud to avoid unsanctioned use. Currently, as much as 86% of cloud applications in use in organizations are unsanctioned. A symbiotic relationship between cloud and mobile shows that a 1% increased use of the cloud, prompted by a desire to share data across endpoint devices, increases the probability of a costly data breach by 3%.
  3. IoT will come to the enterprise, and we’re beginning to see how these “things” have the potential to revolutionize how we work. With 25 billion IoT devices expected to be connected by 2020, some industries are leading the way, particularly manufacturing, utilities, retail and healthcare. Still, many organizations have struggled to understand IoT, which makes integration complicated and may lead to a further rise in Shadow IT, using IoT devices in an unauthorized way.
  4. Organizations will embrace EMM as a way to manage the endpoint, which some have, but more than anything we are seeing the need for organizations to implement layers of technology solutions that complement each other in management and security functions.
  5. Device theft will continue to be a focus of concern. This has proven true, particularly given that a stolen endpoint puts at risk not only the data contained on that device, but also network access / credentials which can be used to exploit the organization in a future cyber attack or data used in a targeted phishing attack to gain those credentials.
  6. Organizations will realize the link between employees and mobile risks has been our top predictor for the year, with more and more reports tying together people as the root cause of most data breaches and how the multiple devices used per employee have expanded the attack surface to millions of access points spread beyond the corporate network. The intersection between people and endpoint devices has created a huge security threat for organizations.

Many of the predictions from last year continue through to this day and to our view of the future. With that said, the risk landscape continues to shift and our predictions will reflect trends we see moving forward. Stay tuned for our Predictions for Mobile in 2016 Post. 

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