40 Million Identities For Sale Online

By: Absolute Team | 7/28/2009

According to The Times, more than 4 million British identities and more than 40 million individuals' identities worldwide are being offered for sale on the internet. The information available for sale includes sensitive financial information (credit card / bank details, some PINs).

This information was reportedly made available online as the result of several initiatives. From what the report indicates, at least 250,000 bank / credit accounts were hacked into. Other information was the result of phishing, a process that dupes individuals to give over their details (such as log in details or credit card details). The information was intercepted over a four-year period by a British company, Lucid Intelligence, and collated into a single database, allowing these figures to be determined for the first time:

The Lucid Intelligence database contains the records of four million Britons, and 40 million people worldwide, mostly Americans. Security experts described the database as the largest of its kind in the world.

The report from The Times indicates that other sensitive information, such as corporate email access details, is being sold in online forums or hacking websites. This puts companies at risk for data breach issues.

Individuals can search the database for free, for now, to see if their information has been sold online. It will specify what information about you is known - whether it's just your email address, your mailing address, or more high risk information such as banking details.

It's quite an interesting venture - what do you think about it?

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