2009 Threat Predictions

By: Absolute Team | 1/23/2009

This week McAfee released the 2009 Threat Predictionsreport and VARBusiness released its interpretation of the 10 Security Predictions for 2009.Both reports indicate that cyber criminals are exploiting the current economic situation to create new scams of various sources.

McAfee senior vice president Jeff Green notes:

"Computer users face a dangerous one-two punch today. The current economic crisis is delivering a blow to our financial well-being, while malware authors are taking advantage of our distraction to deliver a roundhouse strike."

McAfee Threat Predictions for 2009:

  1. Threats Hide in the Cloud - Threats that take advantage of Web 2.0 will replace traditional delivery methods
  2. Personalized Threats Speak Your Language - Using single-use binary files that create a sea of threats; other threats include difersifying malware into non-English languages.
  3. Malware Targets Consumer Devices - USB sticks and flash-memory devices
  4. The Rogue Web and Malvertising - using mainstream practices to "sell" software that is misleading or fraudulent.
  5. McColo: The Effects of a Takedown - Spam went down 60% after this host was taken down, so we may see more of a collaborative effort to take down these cyber criminals.

Download the report here [PDF].

VARBusiness 10 Security Predictions For 2009:

  1. Malware Grows Up - Web 2.0 apps being targeted, with malware harder to track. Malicious code will be written with more variants.
  2. Bad Economy Spurs More Scams - More legitimate-looking phishing attacks targeted with a banking angle
  3. Let's Socialize - Social networking sites will be impersonated or contacts spoofed
  4. This Time It's Premeditated - working harder at large-scale attacks
  5. Unified Security Is the Way to Go - Efficiency and affordability will be the name of the game in 2009.
  6. Rise Of The Underworld - The cyber crime underworld will continue to evolve and become more organized
  7. You Left That Door Open - Disgruntled workers being laid off during the economic crunch may try to take data
  8. Data Breach Bonanzas - Credit-card companies are imposing more stringent regulations on businesses as credit card data becomes more highly targeted by criminals
  9. Got Game?- Cyber crime in online gaming
  10. Weather Forecast: Cloud Computing - Trends to outsource security tasks

Continue reading the report here.

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