1-to-1 Programs Make Schools a Target for Device Theft

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 11/15/2013

K-12 Schools are the #1 place that laptops are reported stolen. With the increase in the number of devices in the classroom (laptops, tablets) through 1-to-1 programs as well as a growing number of BYOD devices in classrooms, it is no surprise that schools are becoming a target for organized theft. This has us concerned on a number of fronts:

  • Police are noting an increase in thefts of tablets from kids going to and from school. The more widespread knowledge of school-issued devices becomes, the more commonplace this crime will become.
  • Schools with known 1-to-1 programs are being targeted by groups of thieves attempting to make off with large volumes of devices. One recent story showed 300 iPads stolen from carts by a group of 10 people. A similar crime took place this week, with $50,000 in technology stolen or damaged.

When devices are stolen in bulk like this, it's likely the criminals are quite organized in their ability to quickly re-sell the stolen devices, often co-ordinating the sales to International markets.

Absolute Safe Schools Reduces the Risk of Device Theft

We are trying to do our part to reduce the threats that come with the integration of mobile thefts into K-12 schools. Absolute Safe Schools provides a safe environment and promotes student and staff security through an approach that focuses on:

  1. Protection - educating students and staff how to avoid scenarios where they may be at risk, including best practices and safe actions
  2. Deterrence - providing on-site promotional material to designate the area as a "Protected Campus", letting criminals know the devices are protected to reduce the incentive to steal
  3. Recovery - a proven rapid response to theft and a managed process for the return of found devices, no matter where they end up around the world

The Absolute Safe Schools solution works in conjunction with Absolute Software’s proven theft-recovery software – Absolute Computrace and Computrace Mobile Theft Management. The Absolute Safe Schools solution provides rapid response resources after a theft of a protected device. The Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team will conduct an investigation and will work with local law enforcement to recover devices using proven technology and investigative techniques.

Absolute Safe Schools can deliver K12 a comprehensive solution to keep both children and the community aware and safe on the use of mobile devices. To learn more, visit here.

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