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Assess Vulnerabilities and Achieve Android Endpoint Security and Compliance

The modern organization is now truly mobile — with employee productivity dependent on access to sensitive data from any device and any location. This has introduced a myriad of BYOD and corporate-owned mobile devices, including the popular Android ecosystem that is plagued with rampant OS fragmentation. This results in a weakened security posture due to infrequent security updates and negligent users ignoring the most basic security guidelines — introducing significant security threats. One vulnerable device is all it takes for a devastating security incident.

You’re responsible for securing all your Android devices, but your current device management tools can be easily overridden or disabled, resulting in significant security blind spots. You simply lack the visibility to assess Android vulnerabilities, unable to prioritize your limited resources to remediate existing issues and respond to security incidents to protect your most sensitive data.

Absolute Expands Your Endpoint Visibility Beyond the Limits of MDM

Absolute for Android is a self-healing endpoint security solution for smartphones and tablets. By maintaining a two-way connection with each Android device, you can assess vulnerabilities and secure all your Android endpoints alongside Windows, Mac and Chromebooks, all from a single cloud-based console.

Even if a device is in the hands of a criminal or a malicious insider, only Absolute for Android allows you to keep control and instantly remediate whenever an incident occurs, in order to protect the device and your sensitive data from internal and external threats.

Key Features

Reporting and Analytics
Collect incredibly accurate information from each device, including historical data. Identify activities and user behavior that could be precursors to a security incident, including suspicious locations, non-compliant software/hardware, configuration changes and many more.
Track Android devices on Google Maps™, including recent and historical locations. Create geofences based on corporate policies. Investigate devices that are out of bounds or entering an unauthorized location.
Risk Assessment
Instantly identify Android vulnerabilities, understand blind spots and leverage guidance to apply the necessary remediation actions in order to strengthen your security posture. Pre-empt security incidents by receiving notifications if risk conditions occur and use reports to prove to auditors that security measures were properly implemented and in place at the time of a security incident.
Risk Response
Freeze a device, remotely delete data and receive an audit log to prove the data was erased. Unlike mobile device management solutions that simply lock a device, Absolute for Android can protect against insider threats by performing a firmware level freeze, the only security action that cannot be circumvented.
Endpoint Investigations
You also have the option to leverage the Absolute Investigations team to determine the cause of an endpoint security incident. Identify and eliminate insider threats. Refine best practices so the same incident does not reoccur. Recover stolen devices if necessary.


By increasing your awareness around the state of your Android devices, you are uniquely equipped to:

See the Big Picture

Take a holistic approach to endpoint security, by assessing your Android endpoints alongside Windows, Macs and Chromebooks from a single pane of glass.

Respond With Lightning Speed

Minimize incidents by responding immediately to protect both the device and your sensitive data.

Ensure and Prove Compliance

Validate required apps and critical security updates are on every Android device, proving security measures were in place at the time of an incident to prevent breach notifications.

Mobile Device

Proactively Reduce Risk

Prevent incidents from occurring by proactively remediating Android vulnerabilities and enabling self-healing resiliency to strengthen your security posture.

Save Time and Resources

Focus your resources on what needs attention instead of looking for a needle in a haystack.

Deploy Quickly

With cloud-based infrastructure, zero-touch activation, proven scalability combined with an experienced services team, customers can start protecting Android devices immediately to deliver fast time-to-value.

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