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The Absolute Platform

Foundational components that power Absolute products

In order to enable customers and ecosystem partners to address every Secure Endpoint and Secure Access use case, we’ve built a set of foundational components, which makes up the Absolute® Platform. Our platform leverages a cloud-based, secure multi-tenant architecture that is available across different regions.

Absolute Core Components


Unique, patented technology embedded in the firmware of 600+ million devices that provides a secure, unbreakable, and always-on connection between the Absolute Platform and the endpoint.

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Application Resilience

Monitors application health and automatically repairs and/or re-installs unhealthy third-party applications listed in the Application Resilience catalog to restore them to healthy operations.

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Network Resilience

Monitors and automatically restores and optimizes unhealthy network connections so networked applications continue to operate without end user-impacting interruptions that would otherwise require manual application restarts, network re-connects, and/or re-authentications.


Provides reliable insights and intelligence from all of your endpoints to the network edge — on or off your corporate network. This allows for automated remediation and uncompromised user productivity.

Other Foundational Components

Web Console

The Absolute Console is accessible directly in your Web browser, no plugins necessary.

Rules and Policy Engine

Take advantage of the Absolute Rules and Policy engine for seamless automation, increased speed for rules enforcement, and overall faster response times.


Receive alerts to speed up remediation actions and turn from a reactive to proactive approach.


With powerful dashboards, IT and security pros and managers get a complete and continuously updated view of all their endpoints and secure access related data.


Integrate device and secure access policy actions into your existing workflows, significantly improving the efficiency of your existing workflows and enhancing your automation capabilities.


Empowers ecosystem partners (e.g., ISVs) to take advantage of Absolute Persistence® and Application Resilience™.

Third-Party Integrations

Leverage complimentary third-party integrations with applications such as security information and event management (SIEM) as well as IT service management tools (e.g., ServiceNow™).

You can leverage these Absolute Platform components through our packaged products, APIs, and SDKs.

Get maximum value out of your security spend

Mitigate risk and strengthen your compliance posture with Absolute

  • Assure security efficacy via self-healing
  • Streamlined collection of compliance evidence
  • Critical application availability and uptime for incident response
  • Reduced mean time to response
  • Ease of enforcement of security configurations at scale
  • Improved risk score

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Enable the secure device lifecycle

Reduce complexities across endpoints, applications, and network access that are causing inefficiencies and risk exposure.

  • High visibility from the endpoint
  • Reduced number of helpdesk tickets
  • Reduced number of rogue devices and apps
  • Improved business-specific KPIs
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Real-time telemetry from devices & network

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Maximize your workforce’s productivity - wherever they do their work

Don't let security be a barrier to an optimized employee experience.

  • Provide always-on, work-from-anywhere capabilities for your workforce
  • Optimized user experience and uptime
  • Reduced management infrastructure
  • Resilient, reliable network apps
  • User adoption of key applications
  • Guaranteed, continuous service delivery

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