Unbreakable Endpoint Visibility and Control for Responsible Healthcare Organizations

Secure your sensitive healthcare data and prove compliance with the Absolute platform

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How Absolute Can Help

Secure your sensitive healthcare devices, data, and applications

Command precision security from a centralized endpoint security console

  • Protect patient data with in-depth data awareness
  • Improve security and IT operations with faster discovery and remediation across all endpoints
  • Automate incident response: geolocation, device freeze, and remote data delete
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See your data and devices to start improving your security posture.

Data At Risk Cloud Transfer

Maintain compliance with total awareness of your device security.

Support HIPAA & HITECH compliance

Ongoing compliance checks and automated reports so you are always audit-ready

  • Probe for violations across all endpoints
  • Validate patient data integrity with self-healing endpoint security
  • Reduce the time to prepare audits with ongoing compliance checks across your endpoint population

Data security for distributed healthcare delivery

Fortify personal health information (PHI) for your telehealth, home health, and mobile clinical staff

  • Pinpoint device locations and put a fence around where your data can go
  • Protect your providers and avoid data exchange errors that lead to non-compliance
  • Take action with custom commands to restore security on distributed devices
Geo Fence Full

Put a fence around your devices and data to ensure PHI security.

Healthcare Merger

Secure your changing health system with airtight endpoint control.

Protect data across your evolving federated healthcare network after a merger or acquisition

Easily merge your health systems, with seamless endpoint orchestration

  • Sync your expanded attack surface with uniform security controls for instant compliance
  • Integrate systems, controls, users, and machines with precision commands
  • Visualize your endpoint security controls and quantify risks for patching priorities

Tamper-proof device visibility and protection

Absolute is the only endpoint visibility and control platform that provides a persistent, self-healing connection between your IT and Security teams and all of your devices — on or off your network

  • Boost IT and security staff productivity and secure all devices across different platforms
  • Automate endpoint hygiene, speed incident detection and remediation, and reduce IT asset loss
  • Uniquely able to survive malicious attacks, even after hard drive or OS wipes
Script USB Data Prevent

Help your IT team quickly and securely identfiy - and act on - security risks.

Customer Success Story: Greenville Health System

The Absolute Solution:

  • Visibility and protection of sensitive data
  • Automated remediation
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Breach liability prevention

Global Customers

Absolute Persistence gives us assurance … that stolen devices don’t become breach liabilities. Our other tools were not able to detect these devices and give us the sense of security that we now have.

InfoSec leader, Healthcare

Secure your sensitive healthcare data, automate remediation, and prove compliance

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