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Endpoint Data Hygiene Assurance for Financial Services

Data security in finance is a constant battle. IT and security teams draw the attention of regulators and sit in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. Devices, users, and apps put pressure on your security posture at every turn.

Absolute puts you in command, with unbreakable visibility and control of your endpoint population. And it’s already embedded in the firmware of the devices you’re using today. All you have to do is activate it.

  • See every endpoint — on and off the domain
  • Pinpoint sensitive data and identify exposures
  • Trace and track lost or stolen devices
  • Freeze or wipe a device: remediation at warp speed
  • Achieve continuous compliance

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How Absolute Can Help

Forget the fear of non-compliance

Whether state, federal, or global, chances are your financial services organization is drowning in regulatory requirements. Implementing a cybersecurity framework like NIST, or keeping pace with regulations such as FINRA, Dodd-Frank, SOX, GDPR, and MIFID II, is a time-consuming drudge. What if you could maintain and prove data and device compliance, even as new regulations are introduced? You can.

Absolute runs continuous checks on every device, benchmarking against standards. It adapts controls automatically so you’re always aligned with internal and regulatory requirements. With Absolute, you are always audit-ready.

Forget the fear of non-compliance
Detect Vulnerability

Automate remediation workflows and validate resolutions.

Uncover security exposures

Financial data is sensitive data. Any loss could leave you with huge penalties, lost consumer trust, and a plunging stock price. IT and security teams are the guardians of their organization’s information, but how can you protect what you cannot see? With asset intelligence rooted in your device’s firmware, security blinds spots no longer exist.

Absolute hooks a digital tether to every device — on and off your domain — never losing its grip on the endpoint population. All devices are pulled into view. Broken or disabled controls, misconfigurations, and data at-risk are uncovered — all without leaving your seat.

Satisfy the most tenacious auditor

Consumer data is stored on thousands of endpoints around the globe. A geographically dispersed workforce makes it even more difficult to comply with CFR rules such as S-P, S-AM, and S-ID. Pinpoint sensitive data and PII saved on any device or hiding in cloud storage apps. Verify technical safeguards and confirm secure data disposal in lockstep with regulations and SEC enforcement.

Absolute actively scans every device to discover sensitive and consumer information: data assurance and audits made easy.

Match Score Summary

Confirm PII safeguards aligned with Regulation S-P, S-AM, and S-ID.

Cut costs and focus on innovation

Cut costs and focus on innovation

IT budgets are overrun with waste and staff are consumed by manual tasks. This leaves little room for revenue-generating projects. Reduce the frustration and free up your IT team by automating tasks throughout the device lifecycle. Reclaim funds for innovation by identifying and removing underutilized hardware and over purchased software licenses.

Absolute’s visibility spans the lifecycle from factory to recycling truck. It automates device controls and provides an unbreakable stream of asset intelligence. So you can stop spending precious resources just managing IT assets. Put that extra time and money to good use, reclaiming your role to drive business growth.

Orchestrate security controls

Endpoints are filled with OS security settings, agents, and third-party apps, creating an ever-increasing tangle of complexity. Simplify endpoint security by orchestrating controls from a central hub, and detect suspicious changes. Then, restore cyber hygiene — with zero human touch.

Absolute scales your team’s capacity by automating tasks, centralizing control over operating systems and third-party security tools.

Orchestrate security controls

Adapt controls with embedded security in the devices of over 25 OEM providers.

The safety of our information is very important. With Absolute, we are sure that our data is safe at all times.

Steve Williams
IT Operations KCOM

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