Absolute Secure Access

Delivering a Security Service Edge (SSE) optimized for hybrid and mobile work models

Reliable, resilient access for the anywhere workforce

To enable a secure and productive work-from-anywhere environment, it is vital to fortify your business from endpoint firmware to network access, so you can get to work - and keep working - no matter where risk finds you. What sets Absolute Secure Access apart is its purpose-built technology that is designed to meet the complex needs of highly mobile, distributed workforces. It delivers innovative capabilities needed to ensure employee productivity and provides an exceptional experience for both users and IT administrators. Ultimately, Absolute makes counting on a networked world possible.


Absolute Secure Access delivers capabilities that you typically only find in separate offerings that make up the modern Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) or Security Service Edge paradigm (e.g., secure tunnel, ZTNA, SWG, CASB, DEM):

Make your remote access solution resilient to external factors, leveraging a self-healing Secure Access client for Windows

Quickly and easily expand access to networks, the Internet, cloud services, and private applications without interfering with your employees’ ability to do their jobs

Make applications invisible to unauthorized users, which reduces the attack surface

Conduct real-time risk assessments as well as threat detection and prevention

Assure a secure browsing experience for all – desk, mobile, or hybrid users

Improve helpdesk effectiveness by proactively diagnosing and correcting poorly performing networks

An optimized tunnel to stabilize and improve connectivity

Reliable and resilient remote access

  • Assure reliable network application access for end users even in the most turbulent network conditions by leveraging patented tunnel and network session resilience.
  • Optimize audio and video for end users, delivering positive employee experiences and increased productivity.
  • Enforce security policy directly on the mobile endpoints, which prevents any chokepoints, bottlenecks, or unnecessary data backhaul.

Embrace a Zero Trust approach

Security without sacrificing productivity

  • Shield SaaS, on-prem, or private cloud resources from intruders and attacks.
  • Leverage dynamic, contextual access policies to any online destination, with or without use of a secure tunnel.
  • Verify that third-party security products are updated and enabled before granting connections.
  • Automatically block phishing and smishing attacks by preventing access to servers or Internet sites that pose a security risk.
  • Allow complete remote access control, inside and outside the firewall.

Deliver a secure browsing experience for all – desk, mobile, or hybrid workers

Protect against online security threats and infections

  • Defend against viruses, malware, malicious code, zero-day threats, as well as data loss or leakage.
  • Safely inspect, scrub, and inoculate Web content in a cloud container before delivering it safely to the end user’s Web browser.
  • Scan for the presence of malware, including worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.
  • Block malware (including zero-day threats) from reaching endpoints and networks by rendering websites in isolated containers located on remote servers far from the endpoint.
  • Disarm and reconstruct content from file downloads.
  • Prevent inadvertent uploads of sensitive information to maintain compliance, protect intellectual property, and reduce overall risk exposure.

Govern cloud usage across devices and cloud applications

Unlock the power of the cloud

  • Control access to SaaS applications based on risk, including contextual factors like time of day, user, device security posture, geolocation, network connection, etc.
  • Prevent malicious and accidental data leakage across cloud-based resources.
  • Stop the spread of threats such as ransomware across cloud and user endpoints.

Make counting on your networked world possible

Assure continued service delivery

  • Automatically restore unhealthy network connections and applications, coupled with increased visibility into network health and security posture.
  • Actively improve the end user experience – boost and streamline worker productivity and efficiency.
  • Gain complete visibility to remote and mobile workers, with the deepest analytics available for enterprise mobility – even outside the corporate perimeter.
  • Identify and resolve failures and outages quickly, as well as enforce service SLAs.
  • Track effectiveness of ZTNA policy enforcement, allowing for immediate impact analysis and further fine-tuning of policies.

Choose according to your business needs

Absolute Secure Access packages are offered in two flavors, Absolute Core™ and Absolute Edge™.


Absolute Core

Optimized, secure tunnel
Built from the ground up for mobility and the modern edge

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What's Included

  • Actively improve the employee experience
  • Always-on connectivity, using tunnel and session resilience
  • Video and audio optimizations
  • Secure application access via mobile-first enterprise secure tunnel

Absolute Edge

All Core capabilities, plus:

Absolute ZTNA
Best user experience for the software-defined perimeter

  • Full visibility outside the corporate perimeter
  • Continuous risk assessments, using multiple data points to power access policies
  • Restrict access to enterprise resources, no matter where they're hosted

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Absolute Insights for Network
Best diagnostics and remediation for digital experience monitoring

  • Patented, proactive diagnostics on device and network
  • Network performance analytics outside the corporate perimeter; from cellular to public Wi-Fi
  • Real-time geolocation dashboards
  • Threat categorization of domains visited by remote workers

Absolute Edge Add-On

Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service
Delivers a secure browsing experience for all - desk, mobile, or hybrid users.

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