Partner Conformance for Absolute Application Persistence as a Service (APaaS)

Absolute’s Application Persistence as a Service (APaaS) program leverages Absolute’s Persistence technology and Application Persistence solution to monitor and persist software products developed by third-partner independent software vendors (ISVs) subscripted to the program. ISVs subscribed to the APaaS program must adhere with the following conformance requirements as part of their subscription.

For any questions regarding any of these requirements or the APaaS agreement in general, kindly contact [email protected].

About Absolute Security

Absolute Security is partnered with more than 28 of the world’s leading endpoint device manufacturers, embedded in the firmware of 600 million devices, trusted by 21,000 global enterprises, and licensed across 14 million PC users. With the Absolute Security Cyber Resilience Platform integrated into their digital enterprise, customers ensure their mobile and hybrid workforces connect securely and seamlessly from anywhere in the world and that business operations recover quickly following cyber disruptions and attacks. Our award-winning capabilities have earned recognition and leadership status across multiple technology categories, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Endpoint Security, Security Services Edge (SSE), Firmware-Embedded Persistence, Automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA), and Zero Trust Platforms. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.

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