Partner Conformance for Absolute Application Persistence as a Service (APaaS)

Absolute’s Application Persistence as a Service (APaaS) program leverages Absolute’s Persistence technology and Application Persistence solution to monitor and persist software products developed by third-partner independent software vendors (ISVs) subscripted to the program. ISVs subscribed to the APaaS program must adhere with the following conformance requirements as part of their subscription.

For any questions regarding any of these requirements or the APaaS agreement in general, kindly contact [email protected].

About Absolute

Absolute Software is a leader in next generation Endpoint Resilience solutions, delivering a unique security platform that unites the power of self-healing devices, applications, and network connectivity. Absolute is the only endpoint security provider embedded in more than half a billion devices that offers a permanent digital connection to see, manage, secure, and automatically heal every device, and provides deep insights into the health of devices, applications, and network connections. We empower customers with the critical capabilities required in a zero-trust world — enabling them to achieve a secure employee experience, a more effective IT department and a more secure organization in the work from anywhere era.

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