Absolute and HP: Better Together

For over 14 years, Absolute and HP have combined top-end hardware with unbreakable endpoint security.

HP embeds Absolute in the firmware of its devices as it produces them, allowing Absolute to heal itself. This creates a persistent connection between devices, their data, and the dashboard.

Absolute Persistence extends to HP’s proprietary security solutions, enabling them to survive attempts to disable or remove them.


Persistence® Create a two-way connection that heals itself, enabling unprecedented visibility and control.

Absolute can uniquely survive formatting, uninstalls, and other attempts to neutralize it.


Intelligence See every endpoint — and the apps and data on it.

Use this knowledge to fix blind spots, stay compliant, and make better decisions.


Resilience Absolute Persistence extends to Sure Start, Sure Run, and Sure Sense.

Sustain these and other essential endpoint agents with automatic self-healing.

Data Protection

Data Protection Locate, lock, and delete data on devices – on or off the corporate network.

Perform end-of-life device wipes with a compliance certificate.

HP Device Compatibility

HP has the largest portfolio of devices with Persistence from Absolute embedded in the firmware. For devices not listed, a BIOS Flash or firmware update may be available directly from HP.

Device List

About Absolute Persistence Technology

Absolute Persistence™ creates an unbreakable two-way connection between devices, data, and the Absolute console.

This connection provides more than visibility. It lets you remotely apply security measures to protect devices, as well as the apps and data on them.

HP embeds Absolute at the factory, protecting devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Absolute protects over 18,000 leading organizations worldwide

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