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What’s Working for IT and Security Teams

Success stories from the front lines of the remote learning transition

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Preparing for a new school year is always challenging — and never more so than now.

The learning environment you support could be a classroom — or a kitchen table. Devices need to be configured, issued, tracked, and monitored — whether new, returned this year, or still in students’ hands. New apps may introduce new vulnerabilities, and new programs will require new ways of measuring success.

The only certainty? Preparing for any eventuality — but how?

Amidst this year’s chaos, success stories have emerged. Absolute’s K-12 peer advice series is a forum for you to learn what’s working in other schools and districts, share your challenges, and gain insight from others tackling the same.

Our first session features Eric Ramos, CTO of California’s Duarte Unified School District, sharing the steps they’ve taken to:

  • Maintain student/teacher connectivity and access to online curriculae
  • Protect student safety by identifying and taking action on risky online activity
  • Measure application ROI to justify budget expenditures
  • Confidently leave their fleet with students — even turning the impossibility of device collection into an opportunity for emotional connection

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Featured Speakers

Eric Ramos

Eric Ramos

Chief Technology Officer

Duarte Unified School District

Surita Bains

Surita Bains

Director of Product Management for Education


“Our goal was to make sure all of our students had access to not only devices, but also connectivity to teachers, and access to online curriculum. We also enjoyed the fact that we can ensure all of our devices are up-to-date.”

Eric Ramos - Chief Technology Officer
Duarte USD

Financial Services