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5 Essentials for Securing and Managing Windows 10

On-demand Webinar50 minutes

Have you thought of everything?

With great power comes great responsibility. Learn how to safely unleash the powerful new security features in Windows 10.

Microsoft has levelled up security capabilities with Windows 10. Virtualization-based security, kernel isolation, recursive data encryption, and Defender’s new cloud brain with block-at-first-sight capabilities are just some of the enhancements. However, this progress also brings challenges for IT and security teams - challenges that could be avoided with the right information.

Whether your project is in the planning stages, already underway, or close to completion, this one-hour investment will pay dividends during your migration and beyond, as we share how to best deploy and utilize the many security enhancements in Windows 10, while avoiding common – and costly! – migration pitfalls.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify relevant security controls based on your organization
  • Automate assessments for device readiness
  • Reduce complexity and improve security post-migration
  • Maximize protection in Win10 by leveraging Absolute

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Featured Speakers

Josh Mayfield

Josh Mayfield

Director of Security Strategy


Kim Ellery

Kim Ellery

Senior Director Product Marketing


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