The Value of Zero Trust in a WFA World

2020 changed the nature of network and endpoint security as the global pandemic mandated a sudden shift to 100% remote work. Few organizations were prepared for the change and many continue to struggle to effectively protect endpoints and remote connections in the new ‘work from anywhere’ world. Absolute’s latest report, “The Value of Zero Trust in a WFA World” provides recommendations and insights into how organizations can better understand and implement a ‘Zero Trust’ security strategy in today’s Work from Anywhere (WFA) world.

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Key Absolute Findings:

“Aggregated data from the global network of Absolute-enabled devices indicates a continued trend of working ‘from anywhere’”

“97% of surveyed IT experts believed that remote workers are exposed to at least some added risk, with roughly 47% believing that the risk was either high or extremely high.”

“Most companies have gone from having 1 or 2 centralized offices to hundreds of individual home office setups. Securing and recognizing every single one of those home office connections to the corporate network is essential in the context of ensuring Zero Trust (and avoiding data breaches).”

“Implementing a Zero Trust security strategy isn’t something that can be accomplished with the purchase of one solution…Zero Trust is a concept, one that demands that no trust is given without thorough validation of identity. A complete stack of security solutions are required to ensure this is the case.”

“Absolute is doing something incremental when it comes to Zero Trust. Not only is the focus on securing and validating the contextual identity of every connection to the corporate network (secure access) but this validation now also extends to the security of the endpoint.”

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"An increased focus by end-user organizations on zero trust strategies — and a desire to provide a more secure, flexible hybrid workforce connectivity — is driving increased interest in the ZTNA market."

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