Strengthening Security and Compliance Posture through Cyber Resilience in Healthcare

Understanding the meaning of a comprehensive, effective, risk-based compliance strategy is the first step in achieving it. Industry standards and regulatory mandates are put in place to ensure organizations take stock of their potential risk and build out a robust security strategy to prevent against cyberattacks and potential data breaches.

Safeguarding patient information is one of the most critical responsibilities of IT teams in the healthcare industry. With the incredible increase in cyberattacks targeting this industry (global healthcare cyberattacks increased by 74% in 2021), this job has never been more important.

Without a strong cybersecurity posture (and security controls in place), healthcare institutions are unlikely to be compliant with the regulations laid out by HIPPA and HITECH. As well, without considering compliance and applicable regulations, any security strategy is likely lacking.

To learn more about HIPPA and HITECH compliance and cybersecurity, check out Absolute’s latest research report focused on compliance within the healthcare sector.

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"Managing a large fleet of laptop devices – each containing critical confidential data – is an incredibly challenging task and we take information security extremely seriously."

Darren Thomas, Desktop Operation Specialist, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

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