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You’re always informed and in control, even if a device is off the network or in the wrong hands.

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Mitigate Patient Healthcare Data Breaches and Fines with Layered Visibility and Near Real-Time Remediation

With a host of new data protection regulations and ever-increasing fines for data breaches, security in healthcare has never been more important. More of your healthcare staff are taking care of patients outside of the hospital, and home care, infusion clinics and traveling nurses are the new norm.

Your IT strategy must support an adaptive model where workers — and sensitive healthcare data — are constantly on the move; protected health information is still protected; and data security practices are always in compliance.

This is no easy task in today’s age of fully digitized medical records systems and an increasingly mobile workforce. Devices get lost, misplaced, or stolen on a regular basis, and the threat of the insider can lead to embarrassing and costly leaks of sensitive data. All of these threats can cause staggering financial losses and irreparable reputational damage to your organization.

Spot and Remediate Potential Security Threats and Respond Rapidly

Absolute gives you the only self-healing endpoint security solutions designed to meet the high standards of healthcare providers. Now you can deliver the highest levels of patient care, while also protecting and securing patient information.

Our cloud-based visibility and control platform enables a full suite of features for remote IT asset management and security so that you can see, control and protect healthcare data and devices, maintain the trust of your patients and stakeholders, and protect your organization from financial penalties. This self-healing solution is grounded by a persistent connection to our patented technology already embedded in your endpoints. This means you’re always in absolute control, even if a device is off the network, or in the hands of an unauthorized user.

Absolute also makes our self-healing Persistence technology available to third-party applications to ensure your other endpoint management and protection controls stay present, healthy and effective in the face of attack.


  • Unparalleled confidence that your devices and—the healthcare data they contain—are secure regardless of location or status
  • Actionable intelligence and monitoring to validate the security posture of your workstations
  • Security and compliance certifications to meet stringent regulatory standards
  • Near real-time remediation to identify and resolve endpoint security incidents

Qualified Absolute Experts Can Help You Achieve Your Risk & Compliance Objectives

Absolute offers a certified team with in-depth knowledge and working experience dealing with healthcare compliance requirements. Our team of seasoned experts have worked with top industry healthcare clients on risk management, compliance audits and security controls needs.

Using industry security frameworks like NIST, SANS TOP 20, HITRUST and ISO in conjunction with Absolute solutions, our risk management professionals can assess your entire environment and develop solutions to reduce the overall risk to your organization.

With a host of new data protection regulations and increasingly high settlement fees for data breaches, data security has never been more important to Healthcare organizations. Download this whitepaper to read about some of the most costly data breaches that resulted from lost or stolen devices.

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