Professional Services

With Absolute Professional Services, you can accelerate your product adoption and—once you’re up-and-running—we can help you manage, enhance, and customize your deployment for optimal business outcomes. Our Information Security Services can help you strengthen your security posture while optimizing the effectiveness of your existing security team.

Security Assessment

An Absolute Security Assessment is a point-in-time analysis of your security posture that provides you with a crystal clear picture of your current vulnerabilities, existing anomalies and potential threats, and key recommendations for resolution. This invaluable insight allows you to immediately remediate deficiencies by truly securing your devices and your sensitive data before a security incident occurs. Learn more


We can help you deploy your Absolute solution with confidence, fast-track your time to value, and reduce implementation risk. You can be confident your deployment will be designed, validated, and implemented by field-proven experts in accordance with industry best practices and standards. Learn more


By choosing Absolute, you already have the right technology in place. But effectively managing and securing your endpoints also requires the right resources. Our Professional Services team can help you conquer the challenges associated with managing and securing assets in any large or complex deployments. Learn more


Our Professional Services team provides customized services to suit unique or challenging business requirements. We understand that out-of-the-box solutions do not suit everyone, and we don’t expect you to make a square peg fit. Instead, an Absolute consultant will spend time understanding your business needs and customize your solution to address those needs. Learn more