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Topic Date  
Secure Access Platform Certification
(Online Instructor Led Course)
03/28/23 – 03/29/23 Register
Secure Access Platform Certification
(Online Instructor Led Course)
04/25/23 – 04/26/23 Register
Secure Access Platform Certification
(Online Instructor Led Course)
05/23/23 – 05/24/23 Register


Secure Access Product Overview & Architecture

  • Core functionality, security, differentiation, and productivity benefits
  • Software Defined Perimeter
  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • System administration and user experience
  • Functional roles: Secure Access Server, Warehouse, Publisher, Reputation Service, and Secure Access clients
  • Authentication, encryption, and persistence
  • Scalability
  • Design, deployment, redundancy, and load balancing
  • Networking Considerations
  • High Availability

Secure Access Installation – Virtual Cloud Environment

  • Mobility Server Installation
  • Post installation best practices
  • Secure Access Client Installation
  • Validate connectivity
  • Review management console status screens
  • Simulate network connectivity loss and roaming
  • Test application session persistence

Configuration Module and Exercises

  • Management console
  • Server and client settings hierarchy
  • Work with user and device groups
  • Map Secure Access groups to Active Directory groups
  • Configure Global Settings
  • Configure User groups
  • Configure role based access to the Mobility Console
  • BYOD configuration
  • Automatic updating of the Mobility client
  • Configure authentication profiles
  • Captive portal authentication
  • Understanding certificate Infrastructure
  • Device authentication
  • Single Sign-On

Policy Module and Exercises

  • Purpose and benefits
  • Rule structure and implementation
  • Working with host groups
  • Policy scenarios
  • Create a rule set
  • Subscribing a device
  • Quality of service and real-time optimizations
  • Software Defined Perimeter
  • Restrict access to a single business application
  • Split tunnel traffic while maintaining visibility
  • Manipulate traffic based on destination domain (YouTube, Netflix, etc)
  • Override interface speeds
  • Purpose and benefits
  • Network Access Control
  • Perform NAC remediation
  • Quarantine client for Antivirus failure
  • Restrict access (remediate) client as a result of a failure
  • Simulate and validate each NAC condition

Insights for Network

  • Architecture
  • Core functionality and productivity benefits
  • System administration and user experience
  • Insights for Network components
  • Installation of the Insights for Network server
  • Configure Insights for Network
  • Import sample data
  • Configure data export settings
  • Core functionality and productivity benefits
  • System administration and user experience
  • Configure bandwidth testing
  • Configure custom diagnostics client tests
  • Executing client diagnostics tests (manual and automatically)
  • Interpreting Diagnostics reports
  • Using Diagnostics reports to aid in client troubleshooting
  • Configure alerts
  • Configure notifications via Text and SMTP
  • Using Insights for Network to better respond to client support issues

Understanding Insights for Network Dashboards

  • Performance
  • Threat Defense
  • Cost Control
  • Inventory

Management Tools & Troubleshooting

  • Server & client event and debugging
  • Upgrade and server migration planning
  • Command line troubleshooting
  • Client activity logs
  • Warehouse logs, backup, and management
  • Automate warehouse backups
  • Automate migrating a Secure Access client to a new server pool
  • Individual help (bring your specific situations that you are working on and we will use them as a class project)
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