Absolute Secure Access Helps Establish Zero Trust Principles to Keep UNITY’s Distributed Workforce Securely Connected

UNITY Enhances the Security, Stability, and Reliability of Connections to Support its Business Needs

UNITY is a consulting firm renowned for supporting companies as they implement digital transformation plans. With 15 locations worldwide, the company’s ICT department is tasked with the smooth operation of global business activities while ensuring that regional project teams—regardless of location—can work together seamlessly.

The Story

Supporting a Distributed Workforce

Supporting a distributed workforce is critical to the success of a global consulting firm like UNITY. With 90 to 95 percent of the firm’s employees working from different locations, employees depend on having a reliable connection to the company’s IT services in order to access critical data. In response, the IT services team at UNITY is in the process of migrating from classic on-premises services to a modern hybrid cloud architecture.

Their legacy VPN solution was too rigidly geared towards a conventional network, plus the limited network coverage in several regions and buildings meant that some applications were difficult to use. For these reasons, UNITY decided to evaluate a more modern secure optimized tunnel solution that could better meet their requirements. After an intensive test phase, Absolute Secure Access was the clear choice.

Security Needs


Remote Access

Track, Manage &
Report IT Assets

"Absolute Secure Access is characterized by a very high degree of product maturity in this market segment—and that is very important for quality-conscious, professional users. For us, Absolute Secure Access is currently the best solution on the market."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Making Connections Stable and Secure, Anywhere

Since the introduction of Absolute Secure Access on all laptop computers, UNITY has witnessed a number of key improvements. Now, when employees switch between UMTS and WLAN or UMTS to Edge networks from customer locations, their connections remain stable and secure regardless of where they are and the network they are using. Some mobile teams use data-intensive applications, such as material flow simulation, that generate almost 3TB of data volume each month, needing reliable remote access to run smoothly.

Enhancing the Reliability of Video Communications

In addition, there are now even more video conferences, which the company had already used frequently before the pandemic. With Absolute Secure Access, the security, stability, and reliability of the connections have been greatly enhanced, which paid off particularly well in 2020.

"We are using more and more applications from the cloud and will continue to rely on Absolute Secure Access in the future."


The Results

Providing a Modern Approach to Secure Remote Access

Absolute Secure Access provides a stable connection for UNITY‘s distributed workforce and allows IT to implement security using a modern Zero Trust approach. The three key advantages of Absolute Secure Access for UNITY are split tunneling, bandwidth optimization, and client management.

For UNITY, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Provides UNITY with a modern approach to remote access.
  • Guarantees a high transmission quality with the solution’s excellent bandwidth optimization, even in poorly connected environments.
  • Offers a unique tunnel solution to manage clients on mobile devices, including malware monitoring on endpoints.
  • Shortens the set-up time in order to start and maintain sessions, Web conferences, and other applications, even in difficult environments.
  • Allows UNITY to provide every employee with a very safe, reliable, and productive mobile workplace

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