Uninterrupted Connectivity Allows SA Heart to Focus More on Patients and Less on Tech With Absolute Secure Access

With Absolute Secure Access, SA Heart ensures remote connectivity and security for users across its brick-and-mortar and mobile clinics

SA Heart is the largest private practice cardiology group in South Australia, founded in 1984. Their cardiologists cover a wide range of sub-specialties. SA Heart has 15 locations in South Australia and visits rural and remote locations to provide patient care and provide a full range of diagnostic tests and procedures.

The Story

Guarantee Reliable Connectivity

Like many organizations, SA Heart faced challenges with remote connectivity. Their previous solution worked well enough to connect to the SA Heart network via remote desktops but did not provide the best end user experience for doctors and clinical staff. There were also constraints with this solution that presented challenges with their clinical system.

In addition to these issues, the SA Heart IT team developed a new roadmap for their organization, with one of the pillars being “access anywhere, anytime.” These issues led their IT team to search for a robust solution that ensured fewer technical barriers for their staff while improving connectivity that was still secure for the organization’s needs and clinical data. After testing and trialing solutions that were not the right fit, SA Heart found Absolute Secure Access.

Security Challenges

Remote Access

Enhanced Visibility
and Reporting

Clinical Care

"The feedback since implementing Absolute Secure Access has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve found that it simply works and does exactly what we need to do. By pairing the solution with built-in 4G, my doctors can fire up their secured, managed laptop wherever they are, and with no additional interaction work as if they are in their consulting room. They can focus on their patients anytime, anywhere."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Enhancing The User Experience For A Mobile Workforce

Implementing Absolute Secure Access onto SA Heart’s owned and corporate-managed devices was a seamless transition. The SA Heart IT team collaborated with Absolute to implement configurations that worked with their systems and rolled out the solution to several test users. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; the SA Heart staff had an improved user experience and were able to access the resources they needed on the corporate network. Absolute Secure Access allowed SA Heart to set up a mobile multidisciplinary conference that involved several specialists, often in multiple locations; this had previously been attempted but failed due to the rigidity in terms of location and specific workstation required.

Improving Operational Efficiencies

The feedback from the solution also helped expose a couple of other issues, including poor internet signal quality at pop-up clinics and a slow screen from their internal system, which their IT team was able to address and solve. The main goal was to provide a solution where users could focus less on the tech and more on the patient, and Absolute Secure Access was able to provide that. In addition, the Secure Access solution positively impacted other elements of the IT roadmap, making the decision quite the keystone.

Increasing Visibility Into Network Issues

In addition to the improved remote and more importantly, secure connectivity, Absolute Secure Access provided IT with robust analytics that improves visibility into what was occurring in an end user’s network, helping with troubleshooting any remote issues in a timelier fashion. This reporting allowed SA Heart’s IT team to identify poor network connectivity issues that were occurring.

"The key benefit of this solution is its flexibility and the many potential options it offers for our day-to-day clinical activities."


The Results

Secure Connectivity = Enhanced Patient Care

Healthcare organizations like SA Heart must travel to care for their patients outside of clinics. With this business model, it is imperative to have a solution that provides reliable connectivity without compromising on security. Absolute Secure Access provides the flexibility and visibility needed to optimize changing IT environments, providing protection and connectivity for end users, no matter where they are.

For SA Heart, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Decreases support calls and tickets to IT departments, saving hours of time every day.
  • Provides a seamless, secure connection for end users, who can stay connected to the network and access key resources on remote devices, whether at home, in a clinic, or in rural areas.
  • Enhances visibility into network issues, allowing IT to proactively troubleshoot remote working issues, using robust reports.
  • Improves efficiency in the clinical workflow, therefore improving clinical care.

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