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Ogletree Deakins is one of the largest labor and employment law firms in the world, representing management in all types of employment-related legal matters. The firm focuses on helping businesses globally to comply with U.S. federal and state laws, as well as labor and employment regulations. With more than 850 lawyers in 53 offices across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, Ogletree Deakins is the epitome of a modern, global, distributed law firm.

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The Challenge

Ogletree’s IT team is responsible for managing over 2,000 endpoints in more than 50 offices – many of which do not have a local IT team. With so many employees working remotely and data scattered on endpoints globally, effective IT asset management and cybersecurity were the highest IT priorities.

Ogletree Deakins takes data protection very seriously and has made it one of the pillars of their technology implementation. Having their own sensitive data secured, complying with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as enforcing active encryption and anti-malware at all times, were additional requirements that made it necessary to find a new solution.

The Solution

Ogletree’s IT Procurement team, now has the granularity, visibility, and control they need over their endpoints — even when devices are not connected to their network. Using the power of Absolute, Ogletree knows that they have a resilient, persistent and intelligent view into all of their devices. Knowing that they have full visibility of the content on the device regardless of the location of the device, if it is on or off the corporate network, and the users who logged into the device.

Absolute helps Ogletree exponentially narrow the scope of their search should there ever be an issue or risk. Uncertainty about a device’s whereabouts and status has been eliminated. “If we ever had a device that was off our network and was missing or stolen — with Absolute activated, we could easily ‘freeze’ it.”

Asset intelligence was the first step, but the security features were the real differentiating factors. “The application repair and reinstall is exceptionally powerful. Not only does it supplement SCCM in terms of data points, but it can keep SCCM itself running and functioning correctly. Another major benefit is the ability to execute scripts with Reach, which takes Absolute to the next level of possibilities.” Fallat disclosed.

The evolution of the Absolute dashboard, from the original asset management options available such as freezing, perpetually wiping, and recovering data off the devices, to what it is today pleases Fallat. “Now we also have the ability to do an endpoint data discovery, scan the files for sensitive information, and if there is, we can determine that it’s not at risk, along with the flexibility to grade that data and set up the different policies.”


GDPR Compliance
100’s of Hours Saved
Hardware Cost Savings

With Absolute we now have the technology to quickly identify and eliminate risk and compliance issues and act appropriately.

Mike Fallat
Manager, IT Procurement
Ogletree Deakins
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