NHS Norfolk Community Trust Relies on Absolute Secure Access to Ensure Nurses Can Focus on Patient Care

Absolute Secure Access Provides Secure Connectivity for NHS Norfolk Community Trust’s Mobile Workforce

NHS Norfolk Community Trust provides community-based NHS health and care via more than 70 different service locations across Norfolk, England, serving a population of nearly 900,000 people.

The Story

Ensure Reliable Connectivity for Nurses in the Field

The NHS Norfolk Community Trusts’ 800 nurses can visit more than 8,000 patients in a day. Reporting care at the point of delivery is seen as efficient and ultimately provides better patient outcomes. However, with patchy and unreliable 3G/4G connections, nurses found that data would regularly be lost and often spent valuable time logging back into the secure network. With up to 600 connectivity incident reports being logged each week, the mobile solution which was supposed to help them became a barrier to providing care. For nurses visiting patients, the focus needs to be on providing care rather than dealing with connectivity issues.

Security Challenges


Patient Care

Incident Reports

"The difference Absolute Secure Access provides is clear to see. When connectivity matters there is no other solution which does so completely what they do. From the support they provide to the continual enhancements in product features—it truly is a life saver. Without Absolute Secure Access, our mobile working solution was simply not fit for purpose. Unreliable data connectivity resulting in data loss make the job of reporting patient care at the point of contact virtually impossible."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Improve Efficiency in the Clinical Workflow

Absolute Secure Access has been seamlessly deployed on all Windows laptops for community care nurses in the field and those based at rehabilitation centres located throughout the community. Absolute Secure Access ensures that even when there are mobile connectivity dropouts, applications and crucially, data access is maintained. Patient records are updated immediately, and nurses can focus on care and not reporting technical connectivity issues.

Provide Critical Support in the Anywhere Workforce

Absolute Secure Access has also been installed on the laptops of the Trusts’ administration staff to ensure they remain always connected and are able to provide critical support as they work from home following the COVID-19 outbreak, taking the total number of Absolute Secure Access licenses to over 2,000.

Reduce Incident Reports with Seamless Remote Access

For NHS Norfolk Community Trust, Absolute Secure Access helped reduce the number of mobile-related incident reports. Paul Walsh, Infrastructure Consultant at NHS Norfolk Community Trust, says: “We have gone from over 600 mobile-related incident reports of connectivity and data loss issues a week to a handful since installing Absolute Secure Access. Put simply, Absolute Secure Access enables our community nurses to get on with the job of caring and not worrying about losing their work.”

"Our Clinical team visits multiple patients in the community on a daily basis, so they need to be able to access the records of each patient at various times and locations to ensure that they provide the level of care that each patient requires. Since the switch to Absolute Secure Access, the feedback I have received from the Clinical team is that accessing records and updating them has become so much less of a headache and has meant they are able to focus on the patients."


The Results

Reduced Incident Reports = Improved Patient Care

Absolute Secure Access now underpins and is central to NHS Norfolk Community Trust’s mobile working programme. Consistent, secure connectivity is a ‘must have’ not a ‘nice to have’ requirement to enable those working out in the community to report on the care programmes they are delivering. The Absolute Secure Access platform prioritizes users, devices, and applications so nurses have access to the records they need, when they need it.

For the NHS Norfolk Community Trust team, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Provides secure remote access in the field, mitigating data loss via dropped connections
  • Ensures nurses stay connected, meaning more time spent caring for patient
  • Reduces mobile-related incident reports from 600 to less than five a week

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