JAFCO Drives a Work-Style Revolution With Absolute Secure Access “Always-On Connectivity”

JAFCO Looks to Absolute Secure Access to Create a More Productive and Efficient Work Environment for Its Mobile Workforce

JAFCO Co., Ltd., is a Japan-based powerhouse private equity firm with over $3 billion invested in biotech, electronics, IT services, and more. Since its founding in 1973, the company has been involved in more than 1,000 IPOs in Japan and abroad.

The Story

Transitioning to an Efficient Work Environment for the Mobile Workforce

In 2017, JAFCO decided that it needed to help its employees adapt to the changing economy. With its gradual shift towards a portfolio focused on early-stage investments—particularly in the IT services sector—JAFCO realized that its employees desired more flexibility in the way they worked. They were dealing with more off-site meetings, yet they still needed access to critical business data and applications while they were away from the office. The company had been relying on a VPN solution with an onerous three-step login process that generated a lot of complaints from employees.

The company embarked on a radical plan to eliminate fixed seating at its offices and gave its mobile workforce the tools they needed to create a more productive and efficient work environment. As part of its digital transformation, working hours were also made completely flexible, giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time.

Security Challenges


Remote Access


"We soon discovered the performance benefits of Absolute Secure Access. We did an early rollout to our IT staff to help iron out any issues, but thanks to not requiring hardware, they were able to adjust configurations and get Absolute Secure Access up and running very quickly."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Provide Security and Seamless Operations

JAFCO chose Absolute Secure Access for its powerful and easily configurable mobile VPN. Once deployed across the company’s network and mobile devices, employees could securely access highly sensitive documents from anywhere, even when visiting customers. Absolute Secure Access quickly became indispensable to JAFCO’s infrastructure. Users had been concerned about the possible impact of compression on video quality. However, the solution’s proprietary end-to-end data encryption, application prioritization, and compression technologies won employees over with secure and stutter-free video conferencing and other data-intensive applications, even over 4G connections.

Build a Frictionless Experience for Employees

Narutomo Matsuo, JAFCO’s CIO, explained that he considered five or six other solutions, but he found them to be either lacking in features or too expensive. Since deploying Absolute Secure Access company-wide, the company is proud that it has been able to build a frictionless experience for employees while giving them complete access to the internal systems they need. Rather than burdening employees with restrictive policies about device usage, JAFCO’s implementation of Absolute Secure Access allows the IT team to establish dynamic policies that ensure security and seamless operation.

The Results

Improved Productivity and Efficiencies Without Compromising on Security

JAFCO is currently considering ways to expand its adoption of Absolute Secure Access. The company is excited about what it has achieved so far in improving employee efficiency and the overall work experience. It is now turning its attention to making more improvements, not only for itself but also for the companies in which it invests.

For JAFCO, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Allows employees to log into internal systems without multiple steps
  • Provides the security and seamless operation users need with dynamic policies
  • Builds a frictionless experience for employees while giving them access to internal systems that they need

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