Absolute Secure Access Helps Get Fraport’s 45-Minute Aircraft Turnaround Initiative off the Ground

Fraport Drives Greater Efficiency by Focusing on Remote Access

Leading international airport management company Fraport owns and operates Frankfurt Airport, one of the world’s busiest international transportation hubs. The company serves nearly 61 million passengers a year and operates the highest cargo traffic rate in Europe.

The Story

Overcome Poor Connections to Improve Efficiencies and Worker Safety

In a push for efficiency, Fraport launched an initiative to reduce turnaround times to 45 minutes per aircraft. But first, the company needed to overcome brittle Wi-Fi and cellular connections causing devices to switch to private cellular networks that workers’ mission-critical applications couldn’t handle. This compromised worker safety, as many tried to fix connections while driving. Dropped connections also posed security risks, making it difficult to monitor the 5,000-acre property.

Security Challenges

Application Crashes

Seamless Roaming

Trouble Tickets

"The IT department has received zero trouble tickets related to application crashes or connectivity issues. Absolute Secure Access solved our problems."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Provide Seamless Roaming Between Networks

Fraport deployed Absolute Secure Access for 700 of its employees using Panasonic® CF31 Toughbooks and G1 Toughpads, giving its workers rock-solid transitions between Wi-Fi access points and cellular networks throughout the large facility. Workers can now roam between networks without issues, allowing them to completely focus on their duties. Drivers now access more accurate pick-up information, baggage handlers receive more complete cargo routing plans and optimal loading instructions, and security staff can now scan personnel badges more efficiently.

Optimized Reporting Allows for Improved Diagnostics

Fraport now uses the solution’s network roaming reports to enable data-driven decision-making and give them an advantage when communicating with their mobile data provider. If, for instance, they see a high incidence of roaming to the Wi-Fi network at a specific time, staff can infer that a problem may exist with the cellular network. Fraport also uses Absolute Secure Access to implement traffic-friendly policies such as assigning large anti-virus updates to download only via Wi-Fi or prioritizing core applications over other traffic.

The Results

Eliminated Application Crashes = Safer Practices and Improved Productivity

Fraport employees can now move freely between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, confident in the continuity of their applications and data access, resulting in a safer facility. These changes have contributed to Fraport’s goal of achieving a 45-minute turnaround time with more of its aircraft.

To date, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Eliminates application crashes, keeping airport workers on task and more productive
  • Provides seamless roaming between networks, allowing employees to focus on their assigned tasks rather than fixing their connections, making the tarmac a safer place for everyone
  • Decreases mobile connectivity-related trouble tickets, now down to zero
  • Prioritizes network traffic, making mission-critical applications always available, while software updates are pushed out to devices only over Wi-Fi networks

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