Allina Health

As the state of Minnesota’s major healthcare provider, Allina Health operates a system made up of 11 hospitals, more than 75 clinics, 15 community pharmacies, 5,000 physicians, four ambulatory care centers and more than 23,000 employees.

In 2009, Allina implemented Excellian One Patient, One Record across all their facilities—one of America’s most comprehensive electronic medical record systems. One Patient, One Record makes important medical information about each patient easily accessible to front-line caregivers on an extensive fleet of laptop and tablet computers.

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In a demonstration of technology adoption, Allina is rapidly increasing the number of laptops and tablets they provide to nurses, physicians, and other mobile employees to allow for better patient care. However, with the move towards portable computers, Allina’s IT team experienced a sharp increase in laptop theft, including one incident requiring public disclosure of breached health information, Allina sought a high-tech solution for laptop management and data-breach protection.


Two months after the data breach, and a review of available products, Allina began implementing Absolute on all of its laptops. IT staff has dramatically reduced laptop theft, recovered stolen computers and improved laptop auditing accuracy from 30% to more than 95%. With Absolute as a complement to Allina’s Utimaco encryption system, the provider is confident that it is delivering the highest level of protection for its devices and the sensitive health information stored on them.

Absolute allows Allina to easily identify computers that have gone missing, enforce software policies and maintain a fleet of optimally running devices. Most importantly, they can remotely invoke preemptive or reactive security measures to safeguard each device and the data it contains.


Delivers the highest level of protection for laptop computers and the sensitive patient and corporate data they contain.
Immediate visibility into laptop population, increasing IT asset auditing capability to over 95%.
Allina has seen laptop theft drop dramatically and recovered several stolen computers, ensuring all their patient data is secure.

Absolute makes managing laptops much safer and easier. We know immediately if a laptop begins to drift off our radar we can send the department manager a message asking them to investigate. If a device is lost or stolen, Absolute is a lifeline.

Brad Myrvold
Manager of Desktop Technology
Allina Health
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