Absolute Secure Access Enables Alan Boswell Group to Work from Home Seamlessly, Provides an Exceptional Experience for End Users

Insurance Broker and Financial Planning Firm Solves Connectivity Challenges Faced by their Workforce

Alan Boswell Group is an independent insurance broker and financial planning firm known for its excellent customer service and expert advice on insurance, risk management, and financial services. The Group serves clients all over the UK from ten regional offices, with financial advisors, claims personnel, and management frequently needing to access sensitive data from home or out at a client's location.

The Story

The Search for a Reliable Secure Access Solution

For the Alan Boswell Group, handling business with clients throughout the UK requires reliable connectivity. Achieving that reliability, however, has not always been easy; often, challenges around Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity impacted productivity due to disconnects and repeated logins. The insurance broker and financial firm desperately needed a more robust remote access solution.

Security Needs

Improved Diagnostics
and Troubleshooting

Enhanced User

Secure and
Reliable Access

"With the sudden shift to working from home, many businesses will need to reassess their remote access strategies. Virtual meetings have been forced upon lots of people and will become the new normal for many organizations. I'm looking forward to what the future holds and how modern technology, like Absolute Secure Access, will be the foundation."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Transitioning to a ‘Work-from-Anywhere’ Workforce

After evaluating and then purchasing Absolute Secure Access, the IT team suddenly faced the unexpected challenge of transitioning the entire staff to a work-from-home environment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did the IT team need to provide equipment for remote working, but it also needed to ensure that employees had access to all of the files and systems that they had used in the office while ensuring a seamless user experience without disrupting the business.

Enhancing the User Experience with Seamless Access

Alan Boswell Group uses the Absolute Secure Access solution across all of its devices, for laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs, to eliminate dropped connections and multiple logins. Offering a better user experience than their legacy virtual desktop solution could, the Group didn’t hesitate to install Absolute Secure Access on all devices.

Improving Business Continuity, No Matter Where They Are

With Absolute, IT can easily troubleshoot issues remotely and quickly deploy company-issued devices that are configured to connect to the network securely. This has also given the IT team the confidence to roll out new applications, such as Microsoft Teams, for virtual client meetings, with the knowledge that Absolute Secure Access will optimize video and maintain connections. Prior to Absolute, claims assessors needed to carry reams of paperwork to each site, not knowing what files they would need. Now, however, they only need a laptop because they can access the document management system from anywhere.

"The remote user experience of Absolute Secure Access and our old solution are worlds apart."


The Results

Supporting Existing and Future Mobile Strategies with a Modern Solution

Absolute Secure Access delivers a modern, remote access solution that will serve as the fundamental technology to support Alan Boswell Group’s existing and future mobile strategy. IT can quickly resolve any connectivity issues, giving end users a seamless experience with a single login across any network. Importantly, the organization also remains compliant with UK financial authority regulations which require an always-on secure tunnel.

For Alan Boswell Group, Absolute Secure Access has:

  • Successfully transitioned 360 staff to ‘work- from-home’ in 72 hours
  • Simplified remote troubleshooting for IT
  • Enhanced user experience with secure, seamless access to home and third-party Wi-Fi networks
  • Provided secure and reliable access to documents from anywhere, even out in the field
  • Enhanced business continuity during the pandemic office closure

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