Absolute Secure Access Provides Mission-Critical Communications for AA’s Roadside Assistance Service

With Absolute Secure Access, AA is able to Provide Uninterrupted, Real-Time Mobile Communications to Empower More Effective Response  

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UK's largest vehicle breakdown service, AA, responds to an average of 10,000 requests for roadside assistance every day.  

The Story

Improving Safety and Efficiencies in the Field  

In the UK, drivers depend on the services AA provides. To improve efficiency, safety, and customer service, the organization decided to shift away from its central call center to a mobile-first model that was distributed and field-based. When customers use the dedicated AA smartphone app to request assistance, that information is relayed directly to roadside patrols for response. The app functions as a virtual dispatch for AA's remote service units, providing breakdown location, member name, and vehicle information. The app then guides teams through repairs, provides information about parts, and documents follow-up service. Without real-time, secure, uninterrupted mobile communications across all network conditions in all locations, this initiative would have no chance of success.  

Security Needs

Secure Access


Improved Customer

"All the patrols have seamless, fully connected communication. They open Absolute Secure Access, hit connect. It says connected. It's as simple as that."  


The Solutions

How They Did It

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

AA chose to implement Absolute VPN, which is part of the Absolute Secure Access product suite, to maintain data integrity and uninterrupted connections between the mobile app and call center systems. Now roadside response units exchange information seamlessly with the AA servers. Connectivity on the iPhones is maintained through all coverage conditions, even in remote areas and during peak seasons. The solution also improves customer satisfaction because members experience more direct communication and documentation after each service call.   

Providing Fully Secure and Reliable Connectivity  

AA's mobile service relies on Absolute Secure Access for networking connectivity that's critical to the success of the company's mobile-first strategy. The uninterrupted connectivity provided by Absolute Secure Access allows this workflow to function smoothly. In addition, the mobile app reduces worker safety issues. Roadside patrols often work in vulnerable situations, in motorway lanes near fast-moving cars. With the mobile app, they take fewer dangerous trips across busy roads to retrieve equipment or transfer information.  

The Results

Maintaining Uninterrupted Network Connections Without Compromising on Security  

Absolute Secure Access allows AA to gain the efficiencies of a mobile-first workflow by maintaining uninterrupted, on-demand network connections. 

For AA, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Provides seamless network connectivity, a key pillar to the success of AA's mobile-first strategy
  • Allows roadside response units to seamlessly exchange information with AA servers
  • Improves customer satisfaction, with members receiving more direct communication during service calls

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