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Welcoming NetMotion to the Absolute Family, and Delivering the Next Generation of Endpoint Resilience

July 01, 2021

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In May, we announced that Absolute Software™ had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire NetMotion™. Today marks the completion of that transaction, and we are thrilled to officially welcome the talented NetMotion team into the Absolute family.

With the acquisition closed, today also marks the next chapter for Absolute and Endpoint Resilience™.

At Absolute we have talked extensively about the decades of increased spend that has resulted in many layers of security on users’ devices. As we have introduced more security layers, we have also seen increased complexity. That complexity contributes to risk, as organizations layered technology without any way of ensuring those controls remained installed, running, and healthy. There are thousands of reasons a security application like encryption, or malware detection or VPN could go offline: user intervention, updates, corrupted files… there are too many to mention. When critical controls go offline, devices are no longer visible or able to connect, to be managed or secured. The data and the user became vulnerable.

When we first launched Absolute’s Endpoint Resilience platform, we promised it could ensure connectivity, visibility and control, independent of the operating system – and empower devices to recover automatically from any state to a secure operational state without user or IT intervention.

Over the past year, we saw strong demand for Endpoint Resilience. Overnight, our customers quickly mobilized their employees and sent them home to work remotely; and with that shift, IT and security teams went from separately managing security and compliance for remote workers to it becoming an IT and security standard to follow for the modern enterprise. Organizations are realizing that the world can change on a dime, and the foundation of their endpoint management strategy needs to be flexible and able to respond without compromising either the security posture or the user experience.  ​

With 90 percent of businesses preparing for some, if not all, employees to work remotely - even once COVID-19 vaccines have been distributed - a new ‘work from anywhere era’ has emerged. One that re-imagines endpoint access and network security to require resilience and intelligence that delivers secure user access based on a Zero-Trust model. And, as we at Absolute and our customers are preparing for the hybrid work model, we’re hearing many of the same challenges and questions: How can I mobilize my entire workforce? How can I deliver a great experience? How do I remediate issues when devices go dark? How can I proactively ensure security regardless of the location?

Acquiring NetMotion, and adding network access capabilities, is the natural evolution of Endpoint Resilience – and promises to meet the changing needs of our customers. We’re raising the bar on security by providing a platform that delivers unmatched visibility to the remote work experience, supported by a broader portfolio of data and analytics and expanded self-healing capabilities during a time of hyper mobility.

Through its long history, the NetMotion team has demonstrated innovation and a real focus on solving customer challenges by introducing a differentiated remote access solution that enables businesses with the very best of secure optimized tunnels, while also adopting the principles of zero trust network access (ZTNA) using the same platform. Customers have long recognized the NetMotion commitment to delivering products that meet their needs as demonstrated through their incredibly high NPS and net retention scores.

In a hybrid, work-from-anywhere world, security and IT teams need to have a permanent digital connection to every endpoint - to see it, to manage it, and to secure it. No one is better positioned to deliver this capability than Absolute. Built into the hardware of more than half a billion devices, serving approximately 13,000 customers, Absolute offers permanent visibility, control, and resilience to approximately 12 million endpoints around the globe. And now, with the ability to deliver resilient network connectivity, we can help ensure that every device can also safely connect and stay connected safely and securely.

Together over the coming quarters, we will unite the power of self-healing devices, applications, and network connectivity to deliver a unique and resilient security platform, specifically built for the work-from-anywhere world. And I could not be more excited.


Endpoint Security Data Visibility & Protection

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