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Strengthening Device Management and Endpoint Security Just Got Easier with Absolute Power of Resilience

February 05, 2020

With the increasing number and types of endpoint devices worldwide, establishing a tight knit security strategy to protect them, your users, and your data is now more critical than ever. A major cause for heartburn among IT and Security Operations teams is the consistent security and non-compliance failures occurring at the application layer.

This week, we announced that the power of Absolute’s Resilience solution and patented Absolute® Persistence™ technology now extends to more than 30 critical security applications – including, most recently, VMware® Carbon Black and Workspace OneTM as well as Crowdstrike® Falcon.

Failures at the Application Level

Organizations have long invested in Device Management, Encryption, VPN, Data Protection and other Endpoint Security tools to manage and secure devices within their fleet, protect sensitive data and maintain user productivity. The Absolute 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report shows there are an average of 10 security agents deployed on each device at any particular point in time. A majority of these agents are easily tampered with or disabled negligently, causing multiple failures. On average, 13 percent of endpoints require at least one repair event of their AV tool every 30 days. Statistics are even more concerning for Encryption tools; 42 percent of endpoints have encryption failures at any given point in time.

Apart from inadvertent user behavior, application health is also affected by devices being reimaged, corrupted registry files, potential malware intrusions as well as the different agents essentially colliding with each other and reducing effectiveness. A majority of security events - 70 percent to be precise - originate at the endpoint.

Now more than ever, it is critical to ensure that the agents organizations invest in to maintain endpoint compliance and protect their environments remain healthy at all times.

Persisting at the Firmware Level

Most security tools in the market today operate at the operating system layer and so can be tampered with or disabled. The only way to truly secure your applications is to go to the firmware of a device to maintain connectivity and visibility across multiple security data points. Absolute Application Persistence is embedded in the firmware of close to 1 billion devices and actively monitors and remediates the health of the most-used security applications in the market today. This digital tether in the firmware ensures that Absolute’s OS agent and the agents of other security tools remain healthy and tamper proof to maintain compliance of the device and fleet overall.

AI based Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools such as Carbon Black and Crowdstrike detect malware, identify unusual activity occurring on the device, and provide remediation guidance. Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools such as Workspace One manage devices as well as enhance end user experience through the deploying of applications, email, Wi-Fi, security settings and the provisioning of corporate resources as required.

Through automation, Application Persistence now ensures the policies and settings set through the three applications remain active to protect the device fleet from the ever-increasing list of external threats.

For more information about Absolute’s patented Persistence technology, see a complete list of the vendors and applications that make up the Absolute Resilience ecosystem. To see how Absolute’s firmware-embedded, self-healing technology ensures Greenville Health has continuous visibility and automated remediation for applications across 14,000 devices, download the case study.

Data Visibility & Protection Endpoint Security

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