Shine a Light on Dark Data at Endpoints

By: Ali Solehdin | 5/17/2016

With the recent launch of Absolute DDS 6, we unveiled a new feature that provides an unprecedented level of visibility into data on the endpoint. Absolute Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD), which comes as part of Absolute DDS, allows organizations to specify the at-risk or proprietary data that they want to identify so it can be tracked, on any endpoint, with the ability to take actions oon those endpoints if needed.

Channel Buzz recently covered the release of Absolute EDD, which has been an exciting launch for us here at Absolute. This release reflects the needs of our customers, addressing the pain points they had with doing inventory of data on their endpoints. Organizations don't know how much at-risk data resides on the endpoints, and this becomes even more of an issue when employees take endpoints home or on the road. As pointed out recently here on InTelligence, nearly half of corporate data is floating around the endpoint. With Absolute EDD, you can now identify and track that data, and do so with a persistent connection to the endpoint, even if the endpoint is not connected to your corporate network.

EDD allows organizations to shine a light on dark data at endpoints, allowing organizations to easily create policies to identify the type of data that’s important to them as an organization. In addition to providing built-in rules, we also offer customers the ability to define their own definition of at-risk data. By defining data that’s important, you can then track it across all endpoints and take proactive action, to enforce corporate data policies, or take remediation action if the data is threatened. With Absolute DDS, we allow organizations to prioritize risk, allowing for rapid response to security threats. You can do a data delete, even when you don’t have control over the device.

Of course, EDD has obvious applications for heavily regulated industries in proving compliance, but we believe it has relevance beyond that, particularly when it comes to addressing the insider threat. Have a read through the rest of my article for a preview of EDD and then get started with a free evaluation version of Absolute DDS today.

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